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Scuba Fabric

For dressmakers looking to create an extra special outfit, our Scuba Fabrics are available in a range of gorgeous patterns which are ideal for any evening or special ocassion wear. This medium weight Bodycon Fabric is ideal for all of your dressmaking needs and due to the added 5% spandex, beautiful Scuba Fabric is particularly stretchy and resistant to wrinkling which makes this a perfect choice for those ocassions when you will be wanting to wear your creation for a long period of time for example, a wedding.

Scuba Fabric does not crease easily and travels particularly well meaning this material is often favoured by those who wish to travel with their outfit in hand luggage such as long distance weddings and business conferences. As Scuba Fabric compromises an excellent element of stretch, this Bodycon Fabric is especially useful for creating fashionable bodycon style dresses and tops and is available from as little as £6.99 per metre.

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