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Sewing is one of the oldest textile arts in the world and is still one of the most beloved pastimes there is. Hand Sewing is a skill which is over 20,000 years old, in ancient times Sewing Needles would be fashioned from bones or animal horns and thread from the sinews of animals and plant fibres. With the invention of the iron needle in the 14th century, Sewing became not just a necessity but a lucrative business for many. Before the industrial revolution, many people worked out of their own homes, offering their services as seamstresses and tailors and it would be the responsibility of the women in the household to maintain and repair clothes. With the invention of the Sewing machine during the 19th Century Sewing was soon to become an even bigger and more lucrative business and reduced the burden on housewives, moving the Sewing and maintaining of clothes from within the home to factories.

The Sewing machine did not immediately gain popularity in the United States until the dawn of the Civil War when it became necessary to increase its use of this new technology in order to meet the emergency demands of war. At the same time women, from both the North and South, would utilise their distinguished skills by getting together to make quilts to sell at church bazaars to raise money for their cause, as well as Sewing warm clothes and uniforms for their soldiers. By the early 20th Century, with many clothes now being sold ready made the popularity of Sewing began to wane however, by the time the Great Depression hit followed by the Second World War, Sewing experiences huge resurgence with women again Sewing to help the war effort and with money and products scarce, to up cycle and reuse old clothes.

These days with the majority of our clothes coming ready to wear, Sewing may not be as much a necessity as it once was but it most certainly still a very useful and fulfilling hobby. Today, being able to Sew your own clothing designs and repair items in order to extend the life of your clothes is an important and distinguished skill. Whether you are a professional seamstress or are just discovering this wonderful and fulfilling hobby, our range of Sewing Accessories are everything you need to achieve the very most from your Sewing projects. 

To ensure that we are always providing the best quality and most useful items to our customers we do not stock any item that we haven't tried and tested ourselves. Our range of Sewing Accessories includes essential accessories such as hand Sewing Needles which are available in a range of shapes and sizes depending upon your project and choice of fabric. Our wide selection of hand Sewing Needles includes Sewing Needles by JTL haberdashery, tapestry Sewing Needles, milner Sewing Needles and much more. For dressmakers, our dressmaking markers, dressmaking scissors and tape measures are essential items whilst our range of threads, buttons and pins are an important part of any Sewing kit. For emergency repairs on the go, our Sewing kits include all the basics such as threads, needles and travel scissors. The slightly larger kits also include tools such as needle threaders and thimbles to ensure that you have everything you need for any repair and are popular with professional dressmakers and tailors.

Sewing Accessories are also the perfect gift for any keen dressmaker or just for stocking up your own haberdashery kit. We are passionate about Sewing and our dedicated sales team are always on hand to provide expert advice with regards to any of our items when you Buy Sewing Accessories from us.

For further information and tutorials to assist with your Sewing projects, see our blog page.

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