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Duck Tape

Duck Tape is the latest craze sweeping crafters all over the world and is now available to purchase online in a selection of gorgeous colours and design options. With Duck Tape, crafters can easily produce a wide range of amazing creations including fashionable hair accessories and home decor items guaranteed to brighten up any space. Duck Tape is a particularly easy product to work with making this the ideal starting point for beginner crafters and children.

Duck Tape is a strong, easy to tear product which can be used on almost anything from repair jobs to brand new craft projects. With a little bit of imagination you can create anything from bags and belts to photo frames, flowers and jewellery; the options really are endless. Children love Duck Tape for back to school projects and this unique and imaginative craft tool can be seen adorning books, folders and school bags all over the world.

We carry a wide range of Duck Tape designs so let your imagination go wild and see what unique and innovative Craft products you can create.

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