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One of our best selling ranges of Haberdashery is the Bag Accessories.  Our range of Bag Accessories include bag handles, shoulder straps and press studs that can add a stylish look to your exisiting bags or allow you to create a brand new unique bag of your own.

It is often the case when carrying heavier loads in traditional carrier bags that they can break or become uncomfortable to carry. Our stylish, cushioned Bag Handles offer a practical and stylish solution to extend the life of your shopping bags. One of our most popular styles is the wood look plastic Bag Handles which offer a smooth and comfortable grip aswell as being an attractive fashion accessory. Our range also includes, long bar, fish eye and bamboo Bag Handles.

In a time when recycling is becoming more and more important, it is vital to extend the use of your carrier bags for as long as possible.  We are sure that you will be impressed with our range and choice of stylish Bag Handles which can be easily attached to a variety of bags, enabling you to use your shopping bags time and time again.

Our impressive selection of Bag Handles can also be used for creating your own bag designs as well as for repairs of existing items or to revamp and old handbag.  Your bags will benefit from a strong finish which is why we only stock the highest quality haberdashery items.

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