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  • Dress Making

    Dress making is both creative and rewarding; it is enjoyed by many people. Whether you indulge in dress making as a hobby, as part of your studies, or you are a fashion dress maker by profession - Dress Making is enjoyed at all levels. Dress making gives you the opportunity to explore new ideas and inspirations, allowing you to be in control of your own designs. Start a new craze, become an idle in the fashion world, the possibilities of dress making are endless. Calico Laine stock everything you will ever need to create your very own dress making masterpiece. We … Read More
  • Self Cover Buttons

    Self cover buttons are the latest fashion craze, there an ingenious creation that shakes up the design of any outfit or accessory. Calico Laine stock both nylon and metal self cover buttons, in sizes ranging from 11mm - 38mm in diameter. Our self cover buttons are ideal for creating bespoke buttons, simply swap and change the fabric that goes over the self cover button to create a fresh new look for your outfit every day of the week. Use a self cover button tool to easily and quickly assemble your self cover button. Self cover button tools are available from Cali… Read More
  • All about Gingham - and its vital uses

    Gingham Fabrics Gingham fabric has a long history in the fabric and textile industry. Today Gingham fabric is a popular choice of fabric for dresses, uniforms, household linens such as curtains, tablecloths and more. Gingham fabric is characterised by its chequered patterns, here at Calico Laine we have a wide choice of gingham fabric colours and styles. The chequered designs on our gingham fabrics vary from small to large checkers, Calico Laine stock a variety of green gingham, yellow, blue and many other gingham fabric styles. Our gingham fabrics are ideal for s… Read More
  • Felt, Baize & Self Adhesive Felt

    Felt, baize and self adhesive felt are extremely popular fabrics. Here at Calico Laine our customers return time and again to purchase quality and affordable felt, baize and self adhesive felt from us. Calico Laine stock a wide range of felt and baize fabrics in a variety of colours to suit all needs. Our felt fabrics are perfect for craft projects; its versatile nature makes felt and baize your number one fabric. Below I have gone into further detail about felt, baize and self adhesive felt fabrics – Describing their qualities and uses. Felt fabrics are a… Read More
  • An Article on a unknown but excellent product - Bra Extenders

    Bra Extenders are a popular item here at Calico Laine, so much so that I have decided to write a blog about our extensive range of bra extenders, their qualities and uses. Bra extenders offer the flexibility and support for your bra, they can easily be hooked onto your existing bra strap to provide an extension relieving pressure and increasing comfort. There is nothing worse than a tight fitting bra, one that feels uncomfortable leaving you sore! Our extensive range of Bra Extenders allow you to ease the constraints that bra's can create, releasing any unwanted p… Read More
  • Feathers At Calico Laine

    Feathers At Calico Laine Feathers create the perfect way to glam up your outfit, add your own creative flair using the wide range of quality feathers available at Calico Laine. Whether your looking to make a bold statement using our large array of coloured Ostrich feathers, or perhaps smaller marabou feathers are more your thing - Calico Laine stock over 15 varieties of natural quality coloured feathers, whatever kind of feather you are looking for rest assured you will find it at Calico Laine. Summer is finally here, and so is the beautiful weather! Its the seaso… Read More
  • Dylon Products

    Within the Haberdashery section of the Calico Laine website we have a wide array of Dylon Products available. Dylon dye machine dye, Dylon cold water dyes, Dylon salt and many more. Here at Calico Laine we have a wide choice of Dylon Products, all quality products, all incredibly low priced. This blog edition will focus on the range of Dylon Products available and their purposes. Dyon Dye Cold Water Dye: Our cold water dyes will dye up to 250 grams of fabric; we have a wide choice of dye colours available from Amazon green, Navy blue, Sunflower yellow and many … Read More
  • All You Need To Know About Zips

    Zips are an essential everyday item used primarily for closing the gap between two pieces of material. Zips have a wide range of uses, on coats, shoes, bag zips and much more. With its multitude of uses zips need to be vigilant, Calico Laine stock a wide range of zips to suit every purpose. Although, how do you know what type of zip will best suit your requirements? Within this blog entry we aim to identify the various types of zips, their specific qualities and uses. Firstly it is useful to point out that when measuring a zip, you should measure the length of the… Read More
  • Repairing Rips Using Mending Tapes

    Unfortunately trousers are not designed to last forever; even so we can all do our bit to prolong the quality and life of our garments. If you rip or tear your trousers, don't dismay, they can be easily fixed with no hassle. All the materials you need to repair a rip can be purchased at incredibly low prices from Calico Laine, our one stop shop for all your craft and fabric needs. This blog will detail how to repair a trouser tear, outlining the items required, all of which are available from Calico Laine. Firstly, begin by turning your trousers inside out, this … Read More
  • How To Take Up Trousers

    Having an awkward inside leg length, I often have trouble buying trousers at the right leg length for me! Usually I go for the longer trouser length and take them up accordingly. All the materials required to take up your trousers can be bought at incredibly low prices from Calico Laine, your one stop shop for all your craft and fabric needs. Below I have outlined guidelines on how to take up your trouser legs. Highlighting the most efficient tools for the job, and how to use your tools effectively. 1. Firstly try your trousers on with the shoes you plan to wear t… Read More

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