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Basic Dressmaking

Calico Laine strive to bring you the widest choice of dressmaking fabrics, crafts, Haberdashery and much much more. Whether you are an accomplished dressmaker or are just starting out there are certain basics that you cannot live without! Firstly, when you have decided what sort of garment you are making and what fabrics you are going to work with whether it is evening wear, bridal wear or more casual clothing you will need certain products to complete your projects..

Dress Lining is an important product which is available in a huge choice of colours. We can also match up your colour choices too for a perfect match! A popular idea which is quite common now is to make your Dress Lining a statement piece by choosing a bright or contrasting colour. Our Dress Linings are 150cm (60") and are anti-static and lovely and lightweight so will enhance all of your garments whether it is a skirt, dress, coat, jacket and any other garments that you are making!

Threads are also a very important part of dressmaking, we stock threads from top manufacturers such as Gutermann, Moon, Coats and Sandelon and come in a range of great colours and finishes depending on what sort of materials you are working with! You can find the perfect match for all of your fabrics here and we also have Overlocking Threads, Tops Stitch Thread, All Cotton Threads amongst others!

Another Basic Dressmaking product is Zips. We stock a huge selection of Zips for many different uses whether you are looking for Open Ended Zips or Closed Ended Zips we have many different choices and finishes such as:

  • Concealed Zips
  • Heavy Duty Zips
  • Trouser Zips
  • Dress Zips
  • Nylon Open Ended Zips and many many more!!

So all you need to do now is pick your fabrics! If you do have any questions regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0151 336 3939 or email on sales@calicolaine.co.uk and we shall get back to you asap! We regularly hold competitions and have offers on so join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Until next time,

Calico Laine