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Berisfords Ribbons for Baby Items

Everybody loves it when a new baby is due or has been born into the family and recently I have had a few friends who have had new babies which means lots of baby cuddles for me! It is always nice to buy a gift for the new baby and what is even nicer is to make a gift yourself as it shows real thought and will make sure your present is unique. Here at Calico Laine we stock a number of fabrics and haberdashery items that can be used to make baby items such as cotton jersey for bibs, wool for hats and booties and fleece for baby blankets. Another item that is particularly useful is Berisfords Ribbons as these can be used for a multitude of items. Here are just a few ideas on how to use ribbons when making your new baby gifts.

Hat and Booties : One of the most popular crafts that people like to pursue when a new baby is imminent is knitting. We have many patterns for baby clothes but one of the best things to make for the new little one is a hat and booties to keep them warm. Berisfords Ribbons range of plain satin ribbon is ideal to finish these items off and make them look like they have been professionally made. The 7mm and 10mm width ribbons are probably best for this use and can be threaded through the edge of a hat or bonnet to allow it to be tied onto the baby. For the booties, the 3mm width ribbon is more suitable and again can be used for fastening the shoes.

Sensory Blanket : Some people do not like to buy or make clothes as presents as they are unsure as to the size the baby will be born at or are worried that the parents will be inundated with newborn clothes. A good idea for a handmade present instead of clothes is a sensory blanket. This can be made with some soft fleece to create a small square blanket and Berisfords Ribbons can be used to sew all around the edge of the blanket to create 'tag' that the baby can pull and feel as they get a bit older. The Berisfords Grosgrain Ribbon is perfect for this as it has a textured feel to it and comes in a  beautiful range of bright colours.

Wrapping Presents : Once you have created your thoughtful, handmade gift it is time to finish it off by wrapping it up nicely. Berisfords Ribbons are great for creating a high quality finish to your wrapping and can be tied around the gift in a nice bow. Plain satin ribbon can be used for this as well as some of their patterned ribbons.