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Berisfords Ribbons for School Uniforms

This week, parents across Wirral have been allocated schools for their little ones in September. This means that it won't be long before they have to go and get their very first school uniform; something that we see a lot of on facebook in September when the kids are going to school for their first day. Many customers in our Liscard store like to accessorise their children's school uniforms with Berisfords Ribbons. We have a number of customers who like to use these ribbons to add detail to girls summer socks and we are often inundated during the school holiday with parents buying Ribbons to make hair bows ready for the first day of school.

In the past few months, JoJo bows have become particularly popular with little girls. They are a range of large decorative bows created by American teen sensation JoJo Siwa and come in a range of colours and patterns which can be used to decorate a high ponytail hairstyle. The price range of these bows are around £8 -£12 with some of the more elaborate styles on eBay selling for £20. This can become quite costly if you have a few girls in the family or if you are simply wanting a few different bows for different days of the week. By making your own JoJo bows, instead of buying the branded version, you can save yourself a lot of money. One ribbon that works well for making these type of bows is the grosgrain Berisfords Ribbons. JoJo bows are usually made from a wide ribbon and the 40mm grosgrain Ribbon is ideal for this. Grosgrain ribbon is also particularly useful for this type of accessory as it has a little more body to it than a lighter weight satin ribbon and therefore can be used to construct a bow that will stand up a little more. To make the bows hold their shape, you can also use a lightweight wire to them.

If you do not want to make something as big as a JoJo bow to go in your child's hair, we have plenty of Berisfords Ribbons to choose from to make small bows to tie pigtails or a ponytail. In the spring and summer term, lots of girls change into their summer dresses for school and we have gingham ribbon that would match perfectly for most school colour schemes. As well as using this ribbon for hair accessories, it can be used to make bows to go onto school socks.