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Bridal Fabrics at Calico Laine

Some of the most frequent customers we have are brides-to-be, visiting us in search of the perfect Bridal Fabrics to make or have made into their dream gowns and bridesmaid dresses for their big day. We are always happy to help any customer with their fabric choices, especially when it is for a special occasion - after all, most people only get married once!

In today's blog, we'll be talking about some of our Bridal Fabrics that we recommend to our customers, in the hope that we'll also aid you in making the right choice for your own gown.

Duchess Satin - One of our most popular fabrics, duchess satin has a beautiful matte finish and a luxurious feel. It is always a top choice for formalwear, and with so many different shades available, it is also popular for bridesmaid gowns. Some of our customers have even picked a few shades out and given each of their bridesmaids an individually coloured dress, giving their big day that extra special touch.

Microfibre - If shiny isn't your thing, take a look at our microfibre fabrics. Despite being on the heavier side weight-wise, it has an amazing drape and looks fantastic when paired with a lace overlay or a few crystals placed here and there. It is a great choice for brides who don't want a massive dress and instead are aiming for something more slimline.

Organza - Originally used to give skirts extra volume, organza is now popular as a featured fabric in bridal gowns. It gives a fairytale feeling due to its floaty nature, and looks brilliant when ruffled or made into frills.

Lace - This Bridal Fabric makes any gown look classy, and we stock plenty of colours to match our other fabrics as closely as possible. All of our laces (excluding the lightweight laces) have their own scalloped edges, which look beautiful when used as a feature in a gown.

Are you thinking of using any of these fabrics in your own bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses? Are you perhaps going for something else that we haven't suggested? Get in touch via our Facebook page and let us know - we love to hear back from our customers!