Lace Bridal Fabrics have been a popular choice for brides throughout the years and we have seen many celebrity brides recently choosing this fabric for their gowns including Geri Halliwell and of course Kate Middleton. Lace gives an elegant look to a wedding dress and is a perfect choice for those brides wanting a traditional look to their wedding dress. It is not just the brides who are wearing this fabric for their wedding as we are seeing more and more bridesmaids wearing Lace Bridal Fabrics and also mother of the bride outfits in these materials.

[caption id="attachment_9120" align="alignleft" width="150"]cobalt corded lace Cobalt corded bridal lace[/caption]

Lace Bridal Fabrics are usually used as an overlay over another fabric or dress lining to create pattern to an outfit. The most popular lace designs have a floral pattern to them and at Calico Laine we have two different lace fabrics, both with floral designs. Our most popular is our heavy corded lace range which we have just updated with four new 'jewel' colours. They are beautiful strong colours and would look great on wedding photos once they have been made into bridesmaid dresses. This now brings our colour range up to around 30 colours and means that whatever colour theme you are planning for your big day you will hopefully be able to find a lace to suit.

Our new corded lace Bridal Fabrics, like the others in the range, have a scalloped edge to them which can be used as a feature on the bottom of hems and to decorate the edges of sleeves and necklines. This makes the dress more feminine and adds to the detail of the dress. They are 150cm wide and at £8.99 per metre are great value for money while still retaining excellent quality. As well as using the lace as an overlay, the floral designs on the fabric can be cut out and used as motifs on a plainer dress to add embellishment.