Now that we are in October, it is time to be thinking about some warmer fabrics to use for your dressmaking despite the forecast for the weekend being 20 degrees and warm! After the weekend, no doubt the weather will cool down and you will need to start wearing layers or warmer clothes. One of our most popular fabrics for the cooler seasons is Fleece Fabric.

Fleece Fabric is ideal for making jackets, hoodies and outdoor clothing as it gives a great deal of insulation. It is a breathable fabric which will keep you warm in the cold weather and is even great in the wet weather as it known for how quickly it dries. It is comfortable to wear due to the softness of the fabric and the Fleece Fabric we stock at Fabric-World, a UK based company, is also anti-pill which means that after many washes and wears it will not become susceptible to 'pilling'. Pilling is when the fibres of the fabric sit on the top of the fabric in small balls which can make the fabric look tired and old. With our Fleece Fabric you will not suffer with this problem.

At Calico Laine, we stock a large range of high quality Fleece Fabrics and have one of the best ranges online with plenty of plain and patterned fleece to choose from. Fleece Fabric does not have to be used just for clothing however. It is a great fabric for items in the house too and also for your pets. Fleece is great for making blankets for beds or sofas and cushions for the home and with our range of colours, there is sure to be a good colour to match your decor.

Fleece Fabric can be used for a multitude of pets accessories including pet beds, blankets for them to curl up in or pet toys. Used alongside our waterproof polyamide, Fleece can make a comfortable and practical dog or cat bed that can be easily washed in the washing machine. The medium weight fleece would be a great choice for any pet accessory however if you feel like your pet needs a special treat, you could choose a Fleece Fabric from our reversible plain cuddle fleece or printed cuddle fleece range. This fabric is sumptuous and extra soft providing that added bit of luxury for your beloved pet.