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Buy Zips at Calico Laine

Calico Laine customer Buy Zips to assist with a number of projects from dressmaking to upholstery and with so much choice available many customers require some advice prior to purchasing their Zip. Before you Buy Zips you need to consider a number of aspects, the most important being what kind of fastener is required for your project i.e. a dress zip, concealed zip, open end zip or a zip for fastening stronger fabrics. For dresses and skirts most customers will opt for either a standard dress zip or a concealed zip. Concealed Zips are the ideal choice of fastener for when the dressmaker does not wish for the fastener to be visible from the outside of the garment. When a concealed zip is inserted correctly the fastener will appear as part of the garment seam, giving your finished creation a professional appearance. Many customers Buy Zips for replacing fasteners which are no longer functioning on items of clothing such as jackets and coats; for this task or selection of open end zips are the most suitable choice. Available in plastic, metal or nylon varieties open end zips are fasteners that open fully at the bottom so that the two halves come apart from each other.

Most of our dress zips and concealed zips are ideal for use alongside almost any fabric such as cotton and silk however if you are working with heavier garments made from fabrics such as denim and leather you will need to purchase a stronger fastener capable of holding the weight. Our heavy duty metal zips are the heaviest zip we carry and are a YKK size 8. This excellent quality open end zip is manufactured using extra strong metal teeth and are a popular choice with customers who Buy Zips for heavy weight items such as leather jackets and motorcycle wear.

When you Buy Zips it is important to consider what size of fastener you will require. Zips are measured by the length of the teeth from end to end rather than the length of the attached tape and are available to purchase in increments of even numbers from 4" up to our longest zip at a high 120". Knowing what length of zip you require prior to purchase will not only make the process easier but will make completion of your project much simpler.