Here at Calico Laine, most of our customers are looking for fabric for their dressmaking projects although we do get a few customers who are creating some home furnishing such as children's curtains, blackout curtain linings and throw cushions. For the sewing beginner, cushions are a great item to start with as they can be pretty simple to make however if you are a more experienced sewer you can make a more complicated version. Some cushions can be made in an envelope style which means that you do not need to think about creating a fastening but for those who want to try putting a zip in your cushion, there are huge range of Zips Online at Calico Laine to choose from.

The ideal Zips Online for cushions are YKK dress zips. For making a cushion, you are ideally looking  for a closed end zip so that the zip doesn't open fully like a jacket zip would. YKK dress Zips are lightweight while maintaining a high quality and durability. They are available in over 30 different colours which means you have plenty to choose from to match your chosen cushion fabric. Most cushion require a 14", 16" or 18" zip however we stock dress Zips Online measuring up to 22". All the zips we carry in our stock meet British safety standards which gives you the security of knowing that they are great quality. These zips are sold individually online so you can buy as many or as little as you need.

If you are small craft company making larger amounts of cushions we also offer bulk buy cushion zips on our website which can save you some money as they are great value for money. Currently sold in black, beige, cream and white these come in packs of 100 zips and range from 12" up to 22".

If you are making a more unusual sized cushion or trying to replace a zip in a larger sofa cushion and need something larger than a 22" zip, we also stock continuous Zips Online. This type of zipping is sold by the metre which means that you can cut it down to the exact size that you need. The continuous zipping does not come with a stopper on the end and would need to be sewn into the end of the cushion so that the zipper pull does not come off. This is available by the metre or in a bulk buy roll of 50 metres.