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Buy Zips for the winter

This January seems to be a very cold month with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees and below. Now the weather is freezing we are starting to wear more winter coats and rain macs to keep warm. Walking the dog in this weather seems to be great effort especially when its raining and cold outside. Rain macs are the perfect protector for this weather, especially when they have a good heavy duty zip fastener. You can Buy Zips for the winter at Calico Laine in a wide range of designs and colours especially for your garment. If you need to replace a zip, heavy duty zips or our regular plastic zips are best to use.

Plastic Open End Zip

Plastic open end zips feature chunky moulded teeth making them ideal to use in coats, jackets and other heavy garments. These zips are available in a wide range of colour options so you can match your chosen garment. You can Buy Zips for the winter in a variety of sizes so yo can choose the one you need. These plastic open end zips range from 10 - 30 inch so you can be sure to find a size you need. As these zips are open end you can also crop them slightly short if you need to. They are strong, durable and heavy zips making them ideal for all weather conditions.

Heavy Duty Plastic Open End Zips

If you are wanting something slightly stronger than our regular plastic zips then these zips are the ones for you. These are one of the strongest zips we stock and are guaranteed to last through tough weather conditions. They are the perfect choice for heavy weight garments such as work wear, heavy jackets, heavy rain coats and motorcycle gear. Heavy duty plastic zips range from 22 inch to 32 inch so they are slightly longer than other zips. However these zips are only available to purchase in black or navy so they are great to use in darker coloured jackets.

You can Buy Zips Online at Calico Laine in a wide range of other designs and colours to choose from. If you are wanting a zip for a specific piece of clothing or accessory our descriptions will describe what the specific zip is best used for. You can also contact one of our sales team to help you further.

Buy Zips for the winter Burgundy Plastic Open End Zip