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Calico Laine - The one stop shop for all your Haberdashery

When you are a dressmaker or crafter it is important to have a reliable Haberdashery Supplier for all your Haberdashery needs and at Calico Laine we believe we can be your 'go to' Haberdashery Supplier whether it be for a zip, thread or ribbons. Here at Calico Laine we stock some of the biggest names in Haberdashery such as Prym, Gutermann and Dylon so you can be assured that as your Haberdashery Supplier, whether that be online or in store, we are providing you with the best quality items and at competitive prices.

One of the most important items you may need from your Haberdashery Supplier is thread. We stock leading brand names, Gutermann and Coats which are top quality threads. With hundreds of colours to choose from and ranges including hand quilting, machine embroidery and sew all thread there is always something that will suit your project. Gutermann also give a guarantee with their sew all threads that it will not break or tangle in your machine and can be used on all fabrics which is an important factor to look at when choosing thread.

Another important Haberdashery item that you may need from your Haberdashery Supplier is a zip as these can be used to repair items or to be put into new garments. We stock a large selection of zips including YKK dress zips, Opti nylon and plastic open end zips and heavy duty metal zips for motorbike jackets. One of our most popular zips are our concealed zips which come in four sizes starting at 8". Zips need to be high quality to ensure that your garment works well so it is important that you can trust your Haberdashery Supplier to stock the best zips on the market.

No matter what Haberdashery item you are looking for we are sure to stock it here at Calico Laine to help you fill up your sewing box. We stock items such as pins, hand and machine needles, tailors chalk, tape measures, fasteners etc all of high quality at an affordable price.