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Bridal Fabrics

  • Using Sheer Organza Bridal Fabrics

    The planning of your wedding is one of the main parts of the big day itself, and deciding upon the right Bridal Fabrics is part of the fun!  We currently have a huge selection of Bridal Fabrics to choose from including Satins, Chiffons and Taffetas. One of our most popular Bridal Fabrics is Organza. Organza is a Bridal Fabric that is traditionally made from silk, however it is more commonly made from either polyester or nylon. The Organza Bridal Fabric that we stock  comes from Indonesia, is 100% polyester, and comes in a width of 150cm.  We currently … Read More
  • Fancy creating a Bridal gown that has something with a more modern twist? Here at Calico Laine we now have an extensive range of Taffeta Bridal Fabrics that are ideal for the more modern garments. Taffeta is known to be a Bridal Fabric that is extremely easy to work with due to its smooth and straight finish. As well as being described as being smoothly finished, it is famous for the 'russling' noise it makes when moved in! Taffeta Bridal Fabrics can be used to achieve a variety of effects when used in Bridal Dressmaking, so you can be sure that whatever style… Read More
  • Softer Bridal Fabrics at Calico Laine

    One of the more traditional Bridal Fabrics that can be used for creating wedding garments is Duchess Satin. Here at Calico Laine we also stock a great selection of alternative materials to cater for those who may be considering a more contemporary design. It is now often desirable to have a free flowing dress that is still created from a satin fabric, and today  I would like to share with you a couple of my personal favourites that are ideal for creating the perfect movement within any bridal outfit.... Firstly I would like to look at Super Soft Duchess Satin. Th… Read More

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