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  • Shop at a UK Fabric Shop for making window dressings

    This past week I have just moved into my first flat and there has been so much work to do including creating some window dressing for all of the windows. As it can be very expensive to buy curtains in the high street stores I decided to buy fabric from Calico Laine to create my own. This way I get some unique soft furnishings too! Many of you may not have thought to go to a UK Fabric Shop to make curtains yourself but if you are creative and can do simple sewing, you can easily make your own. Although Calico Laine is not a UK Fabric Shop that sells curtain and up… Read More
  • Online Fabric Shop - Making it easier to purchase online

    Here at Calico Laine we understand that it is not always the easiest to order fabric from an Online Fabric Shop as a lot of customers need advice and like to see the fabric they are buying in person. This is why we try our best to provide a service that makes the process much easier for you. We have a helpful sales team who is available Monday to Friday 9-5 and on Saturday 9.30-4.30. If you cannot find something you are looking for we can always try to help you or can suggest a fabric for a project that you are unsure about. We are also on hand to help match thre… Read More
  • Buying net curtains at your local Fabric Shop

    Calico Laine does not only have a wonderful website where you can buy a huge array of different dressmaking fabrics and haberdashery but we also have a Fabric Shop in both Liscard and Neston on the Wirral which you can visit and find all the things you need for a multitude of projects. One of our best selling ranges in our Liscard store is net curtains even though this is not a dressmaking fabric. There isn't a day that goes by in Liscard when we don't sell net curtains to at least one customer. In our Fabric Shop you can buy a number of chiffons, voiles and musli… Read More
  • Your One Stop Fabric Shop - Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine, we aim to be the best in the fabric business - that is why we as a Fabric Shop endeavour to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible. We know that your sewing and craft projects are something that you put a lot of time and effort into, and our staff at both of our stores (based in Neston and Wallasey in the North West of the United Kingdom) are always happy to help you find that perfect fabric, trim or haberdashery item that you have been looking for. Beginning as a market stall in 1973, Calico Laine was started by David and … Read More
  • Halloween at Calico Laine

    This week and next, the kids will start going back to school after what may seem to many, a very long summer holiday. When the summer holidays are over many people begin thinking about Christmas but before Christmas comes along their is another day that the kids love to celebrate, Halloween! Halloween is a big holiday in the United States with kids and adults joining in with some amazing fancy dress costumes and over the last few years especially, it has become a bigger celebration in Britain too. At Calico Laine we specialise in dressmaking fabrics and have ever… Read More
  • One Stop Fabric Shop

    We get a lot of brand new customers that arrive at our store not knowing we were here or even existed and their reaction to us is priceless. The are always so amazed how much fabrics and haberdashery items we have to offer and can't believe they have never shopped with us before. Our Fabric Shop is most definitely one of the best around selling everything from dress fabrics to zips to craft items such as paints and beads. It certainly has everything you need to create stunning clothing items and essential craft pieces. Our Fabric Shop offers a range of beautiful f… Read More
  • Calico Laine - your one stop Fabric Shop

    Calico Laine is a well known name in the Wirral and Merseyside area for fabric supplies and for most people it is the only Fabric Shop worth visiting! Established back in the early seventies by David and Wendy Baker, it is still a family run business (with a number of extra staff added now!) headed by Dave and Wendy and this makes it a warm and welcoming place to visit to buy all of your dressmaking fabrics and supplies. The company originally began selling fabrics at markets, which can be hard work, especially on those cold dark winter days. David and Wendy sold … Read More
  • Calico Laine, the Fabric Shop for all your wedding needs

    The summer months are always busy for people getting married and it is usually known in the business as 'wedding season'. Nowadays with the average cost of a wedding around £20,500, people are tending to lean towards making a lot of their own items for their big day, whether that be invitations, table decorations, bridesmaid dresses or even their own wedding dress. Calico Laine is a Fabric Shop that can help with all these items. As well as being a local Fabric Shop for people in Wirral, Chester and Liverpool, Calico Laine is an online Fabric Store and can suppl… Read More
  • Calico Laine - Offering customers the opportunity to buy high quality fabrics

    This week we had a visit from one of our lovely online customers who had travelled all the way from South Lanarkshire, to visit family and to visit Calico Laine! She is a regular customer online due to the fact that there aren't many fabric stores in her area and we find that this is often the case with our online customers. Calico Laine textiles aim to offer people the opportunity to buy high quality dressmaking fabrics online who otherwise may not have the chance to buy them locally. Calico Laine stores are based in Wirral with shops in both Liscard and Neston w… Read More
  • Your 'Go To' Fabric Store

    As an online and local Fabric Store based on the Wirral, Calico Laine is madly in love with material. Specialising in dressmaking we make it our main concern to offer all of our customers the very best fabrics and products at the best prices. When your hobbies include sewing or crafts it is extremely important to have a haberdashery and fabric supplier that you know you can count on for all of your needs and we believe we can be your 'go to' Fabric Store! Whether you need metres upon metres of fabric, a reel of thread or even just a zip, we know you can depend on … Read More

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