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  • Knitting Wool: Knitting for the Upcoming Winter

    With only five months until the big day, it isn't too early to be thinking about your loved ones at Christmas. During the last few years Christmas jumpers have become hugely popular, and although they are sold in many shops, the best ones have an individuality that our Knitting Wool at Calico Laine can spark. At Calico Laine, our Aran Knitting Wool is by Stylecraft, who are a leading market force in high quality and excellent value Knitting Wool. Aran yarn has a reputation for it's use in jumpers, gloves, cardigans and even hot water bottles, all of which could k… Read More
  • Knitting for the Summer Months

    When people think of Knitting they generally think of the big jumpers, scarves and gloves worn in the cold winter months but this is not the only time of year that you can wear hand knitted items and the garments do not have to be bulky and thick. Knitters like to knit clothes all year round and there are a number of Knitting Wools on the market that are ideal for the summer months. One of our newest wools is the Senses Lace Knitting Wool which is Stylecraft's first lace yarn. It is a mixture of acrylic and mohair giving it a luxurious and soft feel with a rich sh… Read More
  • Knitting Wool

    The summer trends have been and gone and now all the stores are focussing on the trends that winter will bring. A trend that is always popular during the colder seasons is thick winter woollens as they are comfortable and cosy. If you like knitting or perhaps want to take it up as a hobby why not start preparing your winter woollens early. Here at Calico Laine we stock a wide range of Knitting Wool in different shades and styles for you to choose from. All our Knitting Wool is by the brand Stylecraft which is one of the best known and highly recommended wool brand… Read More
  • Baby Wools at Calico Laine

    If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new addition to your family, you might be wondering what you can do to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world – and what better way than a handmade Knitted gift? Here at Calico Laine, we have lots of customers who are always knitting for babies; from their own children and grandchildren to Knitting for charities or the baby unit at your local hospital, here are some of our customers’ favourite choices for Knitting garments for babies and children. With any garment for children, it is important that it is soft… Read More
  • Springtime Knitting at Calico Laine

    Now that we’re getting into May, the weather is slowly but surely warming up and heading towards the glorious summer full of sunshine. You might think that it is time to stash those winter woollies away for the year until we hit winter again, but what do you wear on those colder days that are just a bit too chilly to go without a coat? If you aren’t ready to put your knitting needles away just yet, then why not start some springtime Knitting projects to keep your fingers busy? Here at Calico Laine, we stock all different types of Wool for every kind of Knittin… Read More
  • Wools and Knitting at Calico Laine

    Aside from all of the fantastic fabrics and hundreds of haberdashery products that we sell here at Calico Laine, we also sell all kinds of different types of Wool, perfect for any knitting project whether it is a jumper for an adult or a blanket for a new baby. Whatever your skill level is, if you just are a beginner all the way up to expert knitter, we are bound to have the right kind of Wool for your project. All of our Wools are of the highest quality possible, and they all have brilliant ranges of colours available with many different shades to choose from. Th… Read More
  • The World's First Knitted Football Boots

    As a huge Liverpool fan I was quite excited to hear in the news, last week, that Luis Suarez was testing out the world's first knitted football boots. Knitted from Wool, the Adidas Samba primeknit is the next level in football boot design. The Wool provides a comfortable, 'second-skin' fit to the boot while still providing strength and performance. The boot is particularly flexible and comfortable as the upper part of the shoe is created from just one piece of knitted yarn. This provides stability and strength which you find with traditional boots. To allow the w… Read More
  • Crocheting with Wool

    Wool can be used to create many different exciting projects including knitting garments for all ages, creating home furnishing like cushions and bedding and one of my personal favourites creating Crochet blankets. Here at Calico Laine we stock a wide variety of Knitting Yarn including Aran Wool, Baby Wool, Chunky Wool, Double Knit Wool and Luxury Wool which all come in a range of colours and designs. Recently my Mum has been teaching me how to Crochet which I have been wanting to do for a long time. I was eager to learn because you can create so many different des… Read More
  • Baby Knits with Wool from Calico Laine

    Knitting for babies is one of the most joyful pastimes of all. Whether you are knitting for your own impending arrival, an adored grandchild or for your local baby unit, the delight and satisfaction of seeing a beautiful new bundle wrapped from head to toe in your lovingly crafted hats, bootees and cardigans is one of the most satisfying feelings of accomplishment. Knitted gifts are a perfect way of welcoming a new arrival to your family and can be passed down through the family for generations to come. Babies love the feeling of warmth and security that comes fro… Read More
  • Winter Knits

    Now the cold weather is on it's way and the wind starts whipping up, what better way to fight off the dark nights and the bite of the icy winter weather than with a snug jumper or a classic cardigan? Here at Calico Laine we stock a fantastic range of excellent quality Wool from world renowned manufacturers including Stylecraft and Sirdar, plus everything you will need to create a range of warm winter garments for your whole family including knitting needles and on trend patterns. Available in a wide variety of colour options, our subtle wintery tones are perfect f… Read More

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