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Net Curtains

  • Buy Net Curtains - New Year, New Look

    New Year is the perfect opportunity to Buy Net Curtains. When the decorations are down and the twinkly lights ares back in the loft, you can be left feeling a little despondent and as though your living areas need a bit of sprucing up. Net Curtains are the perfect way to add a touch of freshness to your interior design and leave you with a new sense of optimism for the year ahead. When you shop online or in-store at calico laine, you can Buy Net Curtains in a variety of gorgeous design options which are ideal for any room in the home. Many customers Buy Net Curtai… Read More
  • Buy Net Curtains for Christmas

    Christmas time is a family holiday and a time of celebration with all your loved ones. When this holiday comes around you want your house looking lovely with beautiful decorations and fabulous home interior. As well as making the inside of your home look exciting and pretty you also want the outside of your house and window areas looking the best and for this you may like to Buy Net Curtains. Oasis Net Curtains Here at calico laine we have a wide range of different designed Net Curtains which may be suitable for you. Prints on these include butterflies, birds, s… Read More
  • Buy Net Curtains for the holidays

    We are truly into December now and most people are preparing for christmas and the family visiting around the holidays. People like to have their homes looking good when the family come to visit so as well as making your house eye-catching by putting up your christmas tree and decorations you may like to Buy Net Curtains to renew your window dressings and make your house look fresh for all those visitors. Buy Net Curtains for the holidays Most customers Buy Net Curtains to give themselves extra privacy when their full curtains are open during the day however with… Read More
  • Buy Net Curtains for Winter

    Butterfly Net Curtains Net Curtains are a very popular choice for home decor during the summer months as they are a great way of keeping out wasps, flies and other summer critters as well as protecting against hey fever but many customers also choose to Buy Net Curtains for the first time during the colder months of winter. For yet another year, there is mounting concern about unfair price rises imposed on us by energy companies and many of us are searching for ways to keep our heating off, or at least at a lower setting, for as long as possible. Curtains are a g… Read More
  • Buy Net Curtains for your home

    Net Curtains are a great way to decorate your home when you want to change your home decor and create a new interior look. You can Buy Net Curtains from our stores and online making sure you enter your correct measurements when ordering. Most people often allow gather within their measurements by doubling the amount of metres or adding 1.5 metres to the final amount. This creates a better look for your Net Curtains and your home interior. Here at Calico Laine we stock a wide range of different designs and drops for you to choose from, as well as accessories, net … Read More
  • Buy Net Curtains at Calico Laine

    As the nights draw in and we approach the winter months here in the UK, the lights in our houses are being switched on earlier in the evening every week. If you find yourself worried about your privacy in your own home and want to protect yourself and your belongings from prying eyes, perhaps it might be a good time to Buy Net Curtains for your windows. At Calico Laine, we have sold net curtains and jardinieres for many years. They are a cheap but effective way of providing yourself with a little more privacy whilst still letting you see the outside world and all… Read More
  • Net Curtains - It's all about the cabbages

    Net Curtains are not just for hanging in your windows or over your doors. They are perfectly designed for doing a number of jobs that would never have crossed your mind. With october fast approaching and the harvest festival you really need to protect those vegetable patches and allotments from bugs and pests. Nets are perfect for this as they allow the right amount of light through so your plants are not starved of light meanwhile keeping those nastily pests out! It is recommended that when using Net Curtains for this purpose that you sew them together to prevent… Read More
  • Net Curtains - Be a bit different

    Net Curtains can be seen to be a tiny bit dated and 'naff'. It's also a chore to keep bleaching them back to white when they get the slights stain or bit of dust on them. But they don't just have to hang in the window (or stuffed under the stairs). They can be used to make a number of creations that are fun, unusual and to add that unique touch to your home! If you purchase the decorated Net Curtains such as the butterfly nets or the floral nets you can cut out the pattern, such as the flowers or the butterflies and use them as a stencil to spray paint over. This … Read More
  • Window Set Net Curtains

    An extremely popular way to dress your window at home is to use Net Curtains. These were very popular many years ago and have recently made a comeback becoming even more popular. Here at Calico Laine we stock a wide range of Net Curtains, accessories, poles and many more items that will give your window a lovely display. Net Curtains face directly onto the street so neighbours and people from the outside can view the pretty designs that they feature to make your home look very comforting. They also give your home an element of privacy from the outside world by red… Read More
  • Net Curtains - Hanging Methods

    There are a number of methods that you can use to hang your Net Curtains, whether you have them for privacy or to keep your rooms cool during these hot summer months. The variety of ways enables you to hang your new curtains in a way that fits the decor of any room you choose to place them in. You can use a curtain rod or curtain wire. Wire is the more popular choice as you can hang your Net Curtains underneath your normal curtains. Curtain wire can be purchased in a variety of lengths ranging from 90cm through to 360cm. If this is not enough at Calico Laine we ha… Read More

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