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Net Curtains

  • Net Curtains for Summer

    Dr. Hilary Jones recommends enhanced living Net Curtains for protection against hay fever and asthma symptoms. Net Curtains are one of the most popular window dressings all year round but are particularly useful during the warmer summer months. Of course, the sunshine is lovely and makes a wonderful change from the wet and dreary weather that we have grown accustomed to over the last few summers but unfortunately with the sunshine, comes the less pleasant aspects of summer such as wasps, flies and other creepy crawlies that pop up uninvited in our homes. One of t… Read More
  • Net Curtains

    These hot summer nights may be lovely and a nice surprise to have in this country however you can often find your house filled with flies from having the windows wide open. This can become quite annoying and irritating but many customers here have said they solved this problem by Buying Net Curtains for extra protection. Here at Calico Laine we have a variety of Net Curtains all with different designs for you to choose from. All our Net Curtains are available in different drops to suit the measurements of your window space and you are able to select the measuremen… Read More
  • Bulk Buy Net Curtains

    Since updating our collection of Net Curtains we have noted an increase in enquiries from businesses such as hotels, B&B establishments and residential homes. Net Curtains are popular with businesses as they are a fairly low cost way of making over a large number of rooms and when you choose to Bulk Buy Net Curtains from our collection you will make even bigger savings! When you Bulk Buy Net Curtains the savings you make when compared to purchasing by the metre are quite considerable which is why we offer our most popular styles of Net Curtain as a bulk buy op… Read More
  • Net Curtains at Calico Laine

    We are in the midst of summer here in the UK, and you might be inspired to do some redecorating around you home. Interior design can be expensive, however, especially if you have holidays coming up (or ones you have just returned from!), so if you are after a cheaper but effective way of breathing new life into your home, why not take a look at our net curtains and jardinières? At Calico Laine, we have been selling net curtains and jardinières for many, many years, and they have always remained a popular choice for our customers. We also sell accessories tha… Read More
  • New Net Curtains

    Those of you who are regular visitors to our website may have noticed that we have recently been spending time updating our Net Curtains section. The category itself has been completely revamped with some gorgeous new images so you can better see what Net Curtain products we have available and picture them in your home, we have also added many new products for you to feast your eyes upon. We now stock a range of gorgeous curtain hold backs like this stylish Reflection design. As well as the wonderful range of beautiful and stylish Net Curtains that we have been s… Read More
  • Enhanced Living Net Curtains

    Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying some sunshine and hot weather which for most people is a welcome change from the cold, wet weather of Great Britain. However, for some people the hot weather can bring its own issues such as a high pollen count which causes problems for hayfever sufferers. Research carried out in a new study at Nottingham Trent University has looked at the use of Net Curtains to help with health issues such as hayfever and asthma. Some of our Net Curtain designs, collectively known as Enhanced Living Nets are designed 'to trap and… Read More
  • Net Curtains at Calico Laine

    Aside from our massive range of dressmaking fabrics and haberdashery, we also keep a large selection of Net Curtains here at Calico Laine. With a fantastic range of designs and all kinds of drops available, if you are looking for an effective but inexpensive way of decorating your home or maybe need a little extra privacy from the outside world, it might be worth your time to take a look at our Net Curtains. Whatever your style, we have something to suit it – our Net Curtains come in a number of different designs, ranging from plain and very little detail to m… Read More
  • Net Curtains to give you privacy

    Net Curtains are often used as window dressing simply for aesthetic reasons however they can be very important for providing extra privacy. Many customers use Net Curtains along with ready made curtains to give an extra layer to their window dressing without being too obtrusive. Net Curtains can be a cheap way of covering your windows to obscure people's view into your home from outside while still allowing light to come in from outside. They are perfect if you are living close to the street or if you are on a ground floor flat as it stops people looking in. If yo… Read More
  • Net Curtains at Calico Laine

    If you are planning on redecorating around your home sometime soon, you might be looking for inexpensive and cost-effective ways to spruce up the different rooms in your house. Here at Calico Laine, some of our most popular products for redecorating amongst our customers are our Net Curtains and Jardinières. Our Net Curtains are a fantastic choice if you are on a budget; they are available from us at a fraction of the price of designer fabrics. Do not let the small price tag fool you, however – Net Curtains look great in any room, and with so many different des… Read More
  • Net Curtains in the Hospitality Sector

    Net Curtains are a popular interior design item for people at home however they are also popular within the hospitality sector. Many hotels and B&B's use Net Curtains to provide extra coverage at their windows for added privacy and for added protection when the windows may be open. Whether looking for floral designs, geometric patterns or a plainer design there is a large amount on the market to choose from. Most hotels usually opt for a plain design to provide a modern look whereas B&B's may choose a more floral or pattern heavy design to give a more 'cos… Read More

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