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  • Berisfords Ribbon

    Amongst our vast selection of ribbons here at Calico Laine we stock a huge number of different Berisfords Ribbon. Our aim as a textiles company is to make sure that we maintain a large range of different fabrics and haberdashery items: one of our most popular haberdashery items being Berisfords Ribbon. When selecting any of our products and fabrics we try to consider every bodies individual needs and we do the same with our ribbons to. Whether somebody you know is getting married, has a birthday or is blessed with a new born we hold a stock of ribbons for almost … Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons

    Berisfords Ribbons are one of the leading names in the haberdashery industry and are well known for their beautiful range of ribbons and trimmings. The company was founded in 1858 by brothers Charles, William and Francis with Charles working in the textile industry since the tender age of nine working in a mill. Charles educated himself by attending Sunday school and night school which gave him good business and commercial knowledge; which would allow him in the future to realise his dream of running his own company. To begin with the brothers ran the company fro… Read More
  • Unique And Useful Ways To Use Berisfords Ribbon

    Ribbon is definitely underestimated considering it is one of the most useful pieces of material. I understand that it is of course my opinion but so many people use it every day without giving it a seconds thought. Here at Calico Laine, our Berisfords Ribbons are one of our most popular sales, and a lot of the time it is used for more than just tying in your children's hair as an accessory or to wrap a present beautifully. I realise there are people in the world that appear to be more 'crafty' than others but that doesn't mean it is only those small few that can t… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons

    We are proud to carry the complete selection of Berisfords Ribbons available to purchase online here at Calico Laine. Available in a variety of stunning designs such as satin, metallic, chiffon and grosgrain Berisfords Ribbons can be used for number of different applications such as creating a decorative trim on your hand made clothing items such as tops and skirts. Berisfords Ribbons are not only an attractive addition to hand made items but can also be a practical additional when applied as a shoulder strap or waistband. Mr and Mrs ribbon is one of our most pop… Read More
  • Bertie's Bow Ribbons at Calico Laine

    Bertie's Bows Ribbons can be used as labels for handmade products Here at Calico Laine we stock a large range of ribbons which are one of the most popular haberdashery items with our customers. We stock a number of different brands of ribbon, with the most well known being berisford's ribbons however in the last few years a new brand of ribbon is becoming more and more popular; Bertie's Bows Ribbons. Bertie's Bows Ribbons are a comparatively new company to Berisford's ribbons as they only started designing ribbons three years ago. They spotted a gap in the m… Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbon - Sheer Ribbon for weddings

    Berisfords Ribbons for weddings Here at Calico Laine we are well known for our huge selection of different ribbons in a large variety of colours, patterns and styles. One of the best known ribbon brands that we stock are Berisfords Ribbons and although the plain satin ribbons are our best sellers, they manufacture a large array of beautiful ribbons that can be used for all different projects. As mentioned, the satin ribbons are very popular with our customers but another range from Berisfords Ribbons that are popular are the sheer ribbons which are similar to a … Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons

    As a parent I know how stressful it can be when you receive a text from the school reception that tomorrow is 'Children in Need' or 'Red Nose Day'. You start rushing around, asking all the other last minute parents what they have done so that their child wont go in to school looking like a complete wolly! What I have come to realise though is whatever the occasion, ribbon is the answer! Here at calico Laine we have a huge selection of Berisfords Ribbons which come in satin, grosgrain, sheer elegance, velvet and super sheer, all of which can be used in a number of … Read More
  • Berisfords Ribbons Online

    With celebrations such as Easter and Mothers Day fast approaching, our collection of Berisfords Ribbons Online are more popular then ever. Berisfords are the world leading manufacturer of ribbons and we are proud to carry their complete line; including stunning designs such as satin, glitter and grosgrain ribbons Berisfords are the best quality ribbons available on the market today and are perfect for almost any creative project or celebration. Our Berisfords Ribbons Online include a collection of craft ribbons featuring a variety of designs and include a choice o… Read More

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