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  • Must Have Sewing Accessories

    Although it is one of the oldest textile arts, sewing is still one of the most loved pastimes there is and continues to grow in popularity from generation to generation. Whether you are a professional seamstress or somebody who enjoys sewing for purposes of rest and relaxation, every sewer needs a kit bursting with accessories to help you make the most of your sewing projects. With sewing being one of the most skilled and useful pastimes there is, there is no better time to start your collection or refresh your kit with our range of essential sewing accessories. W… Read More
  • Must Have Sewing Items

    Whether you are a keen dressmaker, sewer or seamstress there are always essential items that you will require in your sewing box. Today I am going to go through some of the most essential  items that I have in my sewing arsenal! Fiskars Scissors at Calico Laine. Scissors - A real must have item, my scissors, get used every time I go in my sewing room. I have two pairs that I use and they are the 25cm Fiskars Dressmakers and the 23cm Prym Tailoring Shears. I have used both of these for some time and find them both excellent. I only use these scissors for sewing a… Read More
  • Sewing Accessories

    If you're a keen sewer and dressmaker like me then you will more than likely have a large box that you keep your sewing supplies in. Recently I have added a number of new items to my Haberdashery box. This brings me on to the topic of my entry today - the latest new sewing items that are available here at Calico Laine. As a general rule we don't stock or sell anything that we haven't tried or used ourselves. Below I will list some of my favourite new items: Milward Machine Needles: These are a high quality machine needle and if you are like me, then there is noth… Read More

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