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Chiffon Fabrics at Calico Laine

Chiffon Fabrics are a dressmaking fabric that are popular all year round for use in all kinds of occasion wear, such as posh garments for evening do's, formal wear and bridal wear. Usually seen as quite a feminine fabric, it is also often used for ladies' blouses and shirts, delicate scarves and even intimate garments such as lingerie. At Calico Laine, we stock an absolutely huge range of Chiffon Fabrics with all kinds of colours, widths and weights available. With so many kinds to choose from, there is guaranteed to be something to suit your personal tastes and needs, no matter what your dressmaking project is.

Our Chiffon Fabrics are fantastic for many different kinds of garments and they are sought after for their elegant and ethereal appearances. Their floaty, breezy nature means that they drape well and are great for plenty of different sewing techniques including (but by no means limited to) pleating and gathering. It is a popular choice for ladies who are not keen on wearing massively extravagant gowns, but still want something beautiful to wear for a special occasion. One technique that we see used repeatedly both in dressmaking projects by our customers and fashion lines by designers is the use of layering - Chiffon Fabrics over a base fabric (we recommend satin, taffeta and dress lining) create a completely unique look every time you place it over a different fabric, and this is especially popular for garments such as bridesmaid gowns and prom dresses.

All of our Chiffon Fabrics are composed of 100% polyester, which guarantees that it will withstand repeated wears and washes over and over again while still maintaining its fantastic quality. There are many different types in our collection, ranging from the very lightweight cationic chiffon - a fabric created to imitate the look and feel of pure silk whilst still being available at a fraction of the price - to the gorgeous georgette, which is our most heavyweight chiffon fabric with a beautiful drape and texture.

If you are using Chiffon Fabric for purposes other than dressmaking, it is also a great choice for venue dressing and some soft furnishings. We have had a number of customers use our Chiffon for items such as floaty curtains, drapes over a bed and even as chair dressings for big events like weddings and parties. We offer complete rolls of Economy Chiffon in a selection of colours for this very purpose - these rolls are a fantastic money saver and the quality does not suffer, ensuring that your venue will look amazing no matter how big or small your budget is.

Have your used any of our Chiffon Fabric in your own dressmaking projects before? Do you have any personal recommendations of your own from our range? Leave a message on our Facebook page - we love to hear back from our customers!