Satin Fabric is one of the most common fabrics there is, I think everyone has heard the word. However, there are so many different types it can be hard to know which is right for your project. Here at Calico Laine, we offer a wide variety of satin fabrics to suit every project and budget.

Satin is a luxurious polyester fabric with a glossy surface and dull backing, making it perfect for stunning dressmaking projects. Often used as a more cost-effective version of pure silk, it is popular for bridal and occasion wear.

Economy Satin Fabrics

This pretty much does what it says on the tin, our economy satin range is a beautiful cost-effective version of this lustrous fabric. It definitely does the job and looks gorgeous in dressmaking projects or as part of fancy dress and dance costumes. Layer this fabric under chiffons for a lovely luxurious effect.

Sequin and Printed Satin

We are always updating our range of stunning prints and designs with the latest trends. All our printed satin fabrics are of beautiful high quality, with a lovely soft feel. These make stunning blouses and dresses to wow at any occasion. Add a little bit of sparkle with our sequin satin, ideal for occasion and costumes.

Duchess Satin Fabrics

Duchess satin has a higher thread count than other satins and is distinguishable by its more matt appearance. This is a beautiful high quality fabric and we offer a few different varieties to choose from. For a traditional, structured bridal gown or evening dress then our main range Duchess Satin is perfect. We offer a huge variety of stunning colours to suit every taste and occasion. If you prefer something a little lighter, or your design is a bit more drapey then our Matt Super Soft Duchess Satin is ideal. This creates beautiful blouses, dresses and skirts for any event. If your design is more figure hugging, or if you need a little more stretch then our Stretch Duchess Satin has stunning drape and feel.