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Costume Making Supplies at Calico Laine

After returning from a three week long vacation, I am itching to get started on my next sewing project and I have been looking at all of the new Dressmaking Fabrics that have come into stock here at Calico Laine while I have been gone. I am happy to see that some of my personal favourite fabrics are still available, and I know exactly what my next project is going to be!

My Pokemon Go trainer's outfit. My Pokemon Go trainer's outfit.

If you are from my generation and currently own some sort of smartphone, you have probably heard of (and maybe even downloaded) the new app, Pokemon Go. This augmented reality game brings the fun of catching and collecting Pokemon into the real world with the use of your phone's camera and touch screen, and as with most Pokemon games, you have the ability to customise your character's clothing and appearance. I am having so much fun with this game that I have been inspired to use our Dressmaking Fabrics to create my character's outfit in real life for a photoshoot!

First I chose to start with the shoes; after buying a pair of plain white canvas shoes, I picked up a couple of sachets of our Dylon warm water dyes in the colour "Velvet Black". Usually this product is recommended for clothing, however I have had great success with using it on canvas shoes in the past (which has come in handy when I am unable to find suitable shoes in my size!). I then used some small strips of our yellow cotton jersey to create the design on the side of the shoes (as well as the pair of gloves that I would be wearing with this outfit). It is also possible to use Dylon's machine dye on canvas shoes instead; however, my personal preference is the smaller hand-dyeing sachets.

I then moved on to start making the character's cropped jacket, which I have constructed from our beautiful quality cotton jersey fabrics. I used white and yellow, and fully lined it, then finished it with a plastic open end zip in white. There are plenty of other colours available in this range of fabric (and also in our zips), so whichever clothing your character wears, you are bound to find the right colours in our massive ranges of Dressmaking Fabrics. I am really happy with the way this jacket turned out, and also used these cotton jersey fabrics to re-cover a baseball cap in the correct colours as well.

I am having good fun creating this costume and I can't wait to see the finished result. Have you ever created a costume based on a favourite game, movie or television show? Upload a picture to our Facebook - we love to see what our customers come up with!