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Crafts for Children

The thought of the clocks springing forward this weekend fills me with joy. Spring is on its way. I just love this time of year, the buds on the trees and the daffodils are a sure sign that everything is coming back to life. As well as the promise of warmer days ahead, we can also celebrate Mothers day this weekend. I love mothers day, not only because my children make me breakfast in bed, but also because it gives me a excellent reason to get my stash of Crafts out. In our house we believe that a hand made gift is much more meaningful and personal than anything you buy from a shop so which ever crafts you are into then why not try making your mum or grandma something special this year.

My children are very creative and enjoy a multitude of Crafts, last year they combined their efforts (with a little help from Daddy I suspect) and made me a wonderful scrapbook full of all my favourite photos. I love photos, they're a wonderful way to recapture happy memories, I always have my camera out taking pictures of just about everything. Scrapbooking is a great hobby, as the name suggests but a great opportunity to use up all your old scraps, whether it fabrics, ribbons, card or trims, anything goes and your pages don't have to be perfect. Scrapbooking is a favourite of mine, I learnt about loads of new Crafts including decoupage, quilling and paper embroidery to name a few. Its a fabulous hobby and scrapbooks always make beautiful gifts.

This year we will definitely be making something special for Nanny (My mum). She has a huge appreciation for many Crafts herself so she always understands how much effort we've made. Last weekend we all made cards so now we just need to finish off her gifts. My mum has recently decorated her kitchen so I think the most obvious gift to make her would be a new tablecloth and matching apron. I know that she'll definitely use both these items and luckily they're both relatively easy to make with my kids help. My son informed me this morning that we couldn't give nanny a new tablecloth and apron without a lovely mothers day cake to accompany it. A boy after my own heart, lets extend our Crafting skills a little further and do some baking, although I'm certain he's just after a slice of his favourite chocolate cake. Whatever you're up to this weekend, have a wonderful day.