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Dress Fabric

Whether you're ready or not to accept the fact that we have now entered Autumn, we have. You just have to get over it, and embrace it. I personally love this season, it seems to be the only time of year no one really complains about how cool it is outside, but describes it as refreshing. Everyone claims how good it is to go on morning strolls down the prom before work and if you don't happen to have a prom, like me, just walking through the parks with the leaves on the trees starting to turn rust and golden. Lets, face it, its just a gorgeous time of year.

Its also a time for gorgeous new clothes and styles to come into fashion. My favourite item is the coats! From capes and aviator jackets, to parkas, trenches and macs, you just can't go wrong. If there is anything I have too many of at home, it's coats. Here at Calico Laine we stock a great deal of  dress making patterns, however I love the the Vogue book as it has so many fashionable items throughout it and it has some of the most beautiful coats in I've ever seen! A lot of the Dress Fabric we stock throughout the year can be used to make coats and jackets, the most popular consist of melton, leather, winter wools, faux fur, fleece and the dress linings. These Dress Fabrics do not have to be used by themselves but can be used in combination with each other to create a truly unique look. An example is using one of our leather fabrics to create a jacket and then using our faux fur around the collar to so you wouldn't need to wear a scarf, but if you wanted to go one step further with creativity you could use some of the poppers we stock and choose to make the faux fur Dress Fabric removable. 

If you have any suggestions of your own for Dress Fabrics suitable for the Autumn, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook!