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Dress Fabrics

Here at Calico Laine we know which Dress Fabrics you need! Whether you are planning a girly night in a quant pub or going to a fancy ball and just fancy making something exceptional to wear, we will be able to help you determine which fabrics are best particular clothing - or if you are in the shop we can help you with which Dress Fabrics would be best suited to one of the hundreds of patterns we stock!

At the moment I am planning a weekend away with all my girlfriends in London. One night we'll be going for a meal, another on a night out - both of which I would like to look sensational and feel that making an item of clothing (or the whole outfit - depending how adventurous I am feeling) is definitely the way to do this. So at the moment I am falling back in love with the peplum tops/dresses that were on trend back in 2014 and have decided that I will give it a go by making a peplum dress for our night out and a top for the meal which I will pair with a bodycon midi skirt!

Printed Scuba Fabric Printed Scuba Fabric

One of the Dress Fabrics we have available here at Calico Laine is our scuba fabric Calico Laine come in a variety of different colours and we have a few gorgeous patterns which are definitely ideal for any evening wear - but in my case, perfect for the peplum! This fabric is a medium weight bodycon fabric which means it clings to all the right places once made up! It is also ideal for all of your dressmaking needs and due to the added 5% spandex, beautiful Scuba Fabric is particularly stretchy and resistant to wrinkling which makes this a perfect choice for those ocassions when you will be wanting to wear your creation for a long period of time or sitting down!

So if you want any help on what Dress Fabrics you could use for different projects, we're here to help!