Its coming up to that time of year were festive parties and work celebrations are happening every weekend. These are the events you want to make a huge impression and look your best rather than your typical work look that you are seen in daily. However can you imagine turning up to your work party with the same dress on as one of your colleagues, now that would be a disaster. So why not create your own christmas party dress and stand out from the crowd!

Here at Fabric-World we have a large range of Dress Fabrics that would be perfect for creating the perfect evening look with materials ranging from sparkling lace to elegant satins there will definitely be something that you will like. Our sparkling laces are the most recent Dress Fabrics that have arrived in with us and have already made a big impression on all our online customers. These laces are an excellent quality evening wear material that are ideal for overlaying on other materials meaning you can select a few different fabrics you like to work with. Sparkle lace is a lightweight fabric with an eye-catching glitter effect and beautiful scalloped edge that is great for creating stunning hems and necklines on garments. These laces are composed of 100% polyester and are available in a range of stunning shades including burgundy, black, navy and rose pink.

As these lace Dress Fabrics can be overlaid on other materials why not match them with a lovely duchess satin or cotton material in a similar shade to create a more bodied garment, still giving off that eye-catching look with the glitter effect throughout. The darker shades in the lace material tend to show off the glitter more as it really stands out so if u are wanting that extra sparkle I would recommend a more darker shade of lace. Once your Dress Fabrics are selected and you have created your perfect gown how great will you feel when you turn up at your work christmas party standing out in the crowd because of your unique stylish dress that no one else will be wearing. If this is your dilemma this christmas like many others and you want to make an impression why not take a look at all our Dress Fabrics and create your own christmas party garment in one of these beautiful materials.

[caption id="attachment_4321" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Navy Sparkle Corded Lace Fabric Navy Sparkle Corded Lace Fabric[/caption]