This week I have been invited to one of my good friend's wedding in the spring. They are getting married in a beautiful converted barn in May in the countryside which should be a lovely setting for a wedding. Although it seems a while away yet, I have started to think what Dress Fabric I might use to make my outfit for the day.

[caption id="attachment_8412" align="alignleft" width="300"]Sage Dress Fabric Sage Dress Fabric[/caption]

The Dress Fabric that is one of my favourites is cotton spandex. This fabric comes in a large range of plain designs as well as a number of colourful floral patterns. I am a big fan of 50's style dresses and this Dress Fabric is ideal for this shape. It works well on circular skirts and due to the small amount of spandex in its composition it is comfortable to wear on the top half of the dress too. This fabric is also suitable for making a fitted shift dress as again the spandex will provide comfort. This fabric is easy to cut and sew with which is another reason why I like it.

Another Dress Fabric I have contemplated using to create an outfit is satin back dupion. I am a fan of this fabric as it has a faux silk look to it and it comes in a number of different muted shades such as sage, duck egg and taupe which suit my colouring. There are however a number of brighter colours available in this fabric which may suit a spring wedding more. This Dress Fabric can be made using either side of the material with one side a satin finish and the other side a matt finish. I personally prefer the matt finish however it is sometimes aesthetically pleasing to have one panel in the satin finish for a more interesting look. If you are looking to use a fabric like this but do not like the faux silk look, satin back crepe could be used in the same way as an alternative.