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Dress Fabrics for Christmas Day

With just over a week left until the big day, people will be beginning to think of what outfits they might be wearing for christmas day and what Dress Fabrics they might use if they are making a last minute outfit. Christmas is a time of year when family get together and you might be seeing family that you haven't seen for the rest of the year so you will always want to look your best. Lots of people like to dress smartly for christmas dinner and there are plenty of Dress Fabrics which would make a great outfit for that special day.

Double knit jersey dress fabrics Double knit jersey dress fabrics

This year I will be dressing up instead of my usual jeans and novelty jumper. The dress I have is made from a mustard colour double knit jersey Dress Fabric. I haven't made the outfit myself however it could be easily recreated with the double knit jersey sold at Calico Laine. Due to the fact that this Dress Fabric has a small amount of spandex in its fibre content it is very comfortable to wear which makes it ideal to wear all day and even when playing games with my niece and nephew. The dress is a skater style with three quarter length sleeves. Double knit is great for this style as it will drape well in the skirt part of the dress but is also sturdy enough to provide some structure to the top half of the outfit. It is also a perfect for christmas as, unlike some other Dress Fabrics, will provide some warmth as it is a fairly thick material.

Another Dress Fabric that could be used is crepe. This is a high quality, luxury fabric that would be great to make a smart outfit for christmas day. Again, this is a material that will drape well and will provide a little bit of warmth, especially if it is lined as well. Crepe could be used to make a skirt or dress for the big day and will make you look fabulous while opening your gifts from under the tree.