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Dress Fabrics - Microfibre

Microfibre is one of the most popular Dress Fabrics in our collection and is perfect for creating a number of stunning designs. Microfibre is a popular choice of Dress Fabric for evening wear, largely due to it's stunning drape and luxurious lightweight finish. Featuring a distinctive silky "peach skin" surface this beautiful Dress Fabric feels wonderful when worn against the skin and is a fantastic choice for creating flattering clothing items for women as it is a forgiving fabric that will not cling and achieves figure flattering creations for all body types.

fuschiamicrofibre Microfibre Dress Fabric is the ideal choice for many dressmaking projects.

A dressmakers favourite, microfibre is particularly easy to work with, will not fray when cut and is substantial enough to not require a separate dress lining. Although the perfect choice for for formal dressmaking projects, microfibre Dress Fabric is a versatile fabric also ideal for more casual attire such as lighter weight jackets and high end blouses.

Microfibre Dress Fabric is a high quality, polyester fabric which looks wonderful when fashioned into an array of stunning clothing items and in recent years has also become popular as a bridal fabric. The perfect choice for contemporary brides any gown created from this stunning fabric will look beautiful for both traditional and more modern, relaxed celebrations. Microfibre is a Dress Fabric which is exceptionally soft to the touch and hold it's shape extremely well meaning any bridal gown created using this stunning Dress Fabric will be suitable for travelling long distances when packaged appropriately.

Our selection of microfibre Dress Fabric is available to purchase in wide range of rich colours from deep purple and red to cream and neutral colours such as white and ivory. The epitome of quality and style this Dress Fabric is a must for any fabric collection.