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Dressmaking Fabrics - Children's clothes

Here at Calico Laine we often find customers making items for their children and we regularly see people posting creations on our Facebook page that they have created using our Dressmaking Fabrics. It can be rewarding to see your child in something you have made and it also ensures that they are wearing something unique which is always a bonus as you don't want them to be wearing the same outfit to a party or nursery that several other children are wearing. Here at Calico Laine we stock a range of Dressmaking Fabrics which can be used to create outfits for the little ones in your life.

We stock a variety of beautiful cotton Dressmaking Fabrics, ideal for girls, in our Rose and Hubble range that would be ideal for making a floral dress for the summer, a pair a skirt or a pair of shorts. These fabrics are 100% cotton which is ideal for children as it can be easily washed and ironed, a must for children's clothing. If you are new to making clothing, this cotton Dressmaking Fabric is particularly easy to work with as it can be cut easily, does not fray too much and does not move a great deal when you are working with it. Using dress net as an under layer, you could also create a party dress that would look exquisite at any special occasion such as a wedding or christening.

As well as floral prints in this range, the 100% cotton Dressmaking Fabric is available in spots, stripes and stars which can be used for both boys or girls. These are always very popular with older children and teenagers and can be used to make accessories such as bags and phone cases as well as clothes.

For the boys, we have a great selection of fleece fabric which would make fabulous onesies!  These come in camouflage, stars and racing car designs and are also now available in super soft fleece which is particularly warm and cosy. They also come in a great selection of beautiful plain colours as well. Perfect for the colder months, this warm fleece is also easy to work and great value for money.

If you have made clothes for your kids in the past or are thinking of making something in the future why not get in touch with us and share your creations and ideas.