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Dressmaking Fabrics - Pantone Pink

For many designers and dressmakers, the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year is perhaps one of the most anticipated and important events of the year. Designers will base their collections around the Pantone choice as it is a huge indicator of which shades will be prevalent on the catwalk and in turn, in high street stores. Of course, Dressmaking Fabric suppliers like ourselves Pantone's chosen colour is also particularly important as it signals which shades of fabric will be big in fashion for the upcoming season and of course, these fabrics will be in huge demand from designers and dressmakers alike. For this season, the colour experts have chosen Rose Quartz as their colour of the year and in response, we have already witnessed a huge spike in the popularity of our pink Dressmaking Fabrics. Colour psychologists have suggested that the popularity of this colour lies with its ability to stimulate energy and encourage confidence - Pantone themselves clarified that their choice of the warm, embracing pink tone as an antidote to the modern day stresses, the choice is expected to be well received by consumers whose "yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent."

Pink is a fantastic choice for many occasions including weddings, formal events and for more casual pieces. A delicate and feminine shade, pink is often associated with romance and flowers and is an enormously popular choice for clothing baby girls however, modern fashion continues to challenge societal norms as the world of fashion indicates societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity with pink becoming an increasingly popular choice for mens clorhin items. Popular for many years in the world of fashion, pink first became a high fashion choice when designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced her designs stitched from pink Dressmaking Fabrics into western mainstream fashion and invented the term "shocking pink".

mamie Mamie Eisenhower was known for her love of pink Dressmaking Fabrics.

Many of the world's most famous and influential women have chosen pink as their signature colour over the years, particularly powerful ladies in the world of politics who wish to retain and celebrate their femininity in high-powered positions. Former First Lady of the United States, Mamie Eisenhower chose the shade as her signature colour during her husbands term as President. Extremely popular with the American public, Mamie chose a stunning gown of pink Dressmaking Fabric for the 1953 Inaugural Balls - embroidered with over 2000 rhinestones the stunning gown was stitched using a pink peau de soie Dressmaking Fabric and was widely recognised as a signal of Mamie's intention to make the White House less stiff and formal. Mamie decked out the White House with so much of her favourite colour that it became known as The Pink Palace and so synonymous was she with the colour that it became known worldide as "Mamie Pink". Mrs. Eisenhower was succeeded as First Lady by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy - Jackie is still regarded as one of the world's most influential fashion icons and was also renowned for her love of soft romantic rose pink.

Pink Dressmaking Fabrics have long been prominent in Hollywood and feature in some of the most successful films in cinema history. In 1986 Molly Ringwald starred in the classic "Pretty In Pink"; a romantic comedy drama, Molly played Andie, a studious high school student from the wrong side of the tracks who shops in second hand stores and stitches her own clothes. The climax of the fill, when Andie arrives at her prom in a pink dress of her own design has become one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history. With it's puckered seams and unflattering cut, the dress is far removed from what we would usually consider to be a classic movie costume however,  Andie and her dress have achieved cult status amongst movie goers and her classic eighties prom dress retains its status as 'the worst prom dress ever'. In 2001, Reese Witherspoon starred as in Legally Blonde as Elle Woods, a stereotypical homecoming queen who becomes the films unlikely hero when she embarks upon the seemingly impossible task of graduating from Harvard Law School with the hopes of winning over her former love interest Warner Huntington III. Elle embarks upon her journey clad in an impressive array of high fashion outfits in varying shades of her signature colour pink.

Pink is still one of the most popular colours in the fashion world and is a versatile colour with a shade to suit almost any complexion. In recent years we have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of pink clothing form men, largely thanks to stars such as David Beckham. We carry a fantastic selection of pink Dressmaking Fabrics suitable for men's clothing items such as our cotton plains. Cotton lawns in particular are the ideal choice for men - characterised by its smooth, untextured surface this luxuriously smooth fabric is particularly cool and comfortable to wear against the skin. In 2012 fashion researchers conducted a survey of the British workplace and found that men who wore pink to the office earned on average £1,000.00 more than their more traditionally dressed colleagues.

bridal Pink Dressmaking Fabrics have been huge on the bridal catwalk following the announcement of Rose Quartz as Pantone Colour of the Year.

Our selection of pink Dressmaking Fabrics are perfect for almost any occasion including proms, black tie events and weddings. Our selection of pink bridal fabrics have proven particularly popular this year with our brides who have followed the example set by bridal designers such as Christian Siriano who have incorporated the Pantone approved shade into their new season collections. Our selection of duchess satin Dressmaking Fabrics are available in varying shades of pink such as blush pink which is perfect for a soft, romantic design. Our brighter pinks such as alexandra and cerise are the perfect choice for bridesmaid dresses. Pink as also a popular choice for daytime casual wear such as tops and dresses. Our selection of jersey Dressmaking Fabrics are a soft and comfortable fabric providing excellent insulation and optimum levels of comfort for the wearer.

Our selection of pink Dressmaking Fabrics are available to purchase in varying shades from shocking pink to baby pink and are available to purchase online now.