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Dressmaking Fabrics - Wimbledon 2014

Whilst many of Britain's sports fans are waking up this morning full of disappointment following England's World Cup defeat against Uruguay last night, the good news is that on Monday one of the world's biggest sporting events is due to commence right here in England. The Wimbledon Championship is the oldest and the most prestigious tournament in the world of tennis and is renowned for it's strict dress code; players are permitted to wear only white whilst on court. In 2013, Roger Federer was banned from wearing his orange soled shoes as they were judged to have broken the "all-white" rule. In 2012, the organisers at The All England Club introduced a dress code for spectators for the first time in 150 years. The usual dress standard for spectators visiting the club is a suit or tailored jacket for gentleman with a shirt, tie and dress shoes, and their female companions dressed to a similar standard. If you are lucky enough to be travelling down to Wimbledon this summer, with beautiful quality Dressmaking Fabrics from Calico Laine you can ensure that you will remain cool and comfortable without risking being banned from the clubhouse!

From the conservative, traditional style of Roger Federer to the more flamboyant outfits of the Williams' sisters, Wimbledon has become known as much for it's fashion as it has for the tennis. Many of today's biggest starts have fused sport with the catwalk by enlisting the services of some of the world's most famous designers. This year's number 13 seed, Caroline Wozniacki wears an array of stunning outfits designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas whilst former men's champion Rafael Nadal is recognised worldwide as the face of Emporio Armani. However, it is not only the players whose outfits cause a stir during the two day tournament, over the years the tournament has become famous for the constant stream of celebrities who have showcased a stunning variety of designer outfits crafted from a range of beautiful quality Dressmaking Fabrics. Here we have rounded up our top Wimbledon fashion moments of all time:

Maria Sharapova, 2008

maria Maria Sharapova in a tuxedo inspired outift.

Former women's champion and world renowned fashion icon, Maria Sharapova has been instrumental in bringing women's playing attire in line with current fashion trends. Known for her elegant style both on and off court the statuesque Russian star was bang on trend at the 2008 championship with her tuxedo inspired outfit. A popular look for many years now, the tuxedo style waist coat is a style which can be emulated off court and looks chic and elegant when paired with a pair of expertly tailored trousers. Maria's outfit featured a sheer panel constructed from breathable mesh material, designed to keep her cool when battling it out on a sweltering centre court. To imitate this look, choose our sheer fabrics such as Chiffon Dressmaking Fabric; a sheer and lightweight Dressmaking Fabric, Chiffon is perfect for adding a point of interest to any outfit and can be layered with other Fabrics for an elegant and feminine piece.

Kate Middleton, 2011

kate Kate Middleton looks stylish in the Royal Box.

As big tennis fans, the Middleton sisters have quickly become a fixture on Centre Court during Wimbledon fortnight and as always, it is Kate who steals the show when it comes to fashion. The Duchess has displayed an amazing variety of gorgeous gowns over the years, many of which have come from British high street brands, In 2011, Kate took inspiration from the players themselves and turned up to the All England Club in a gorgeous all white ensemble by Alice Temperley. As always, anything Kate wears, millions wish to emulate and this gorgeous ruffled creation Kate wore to the Murray v Gasquet match when she accompanied her husband, The Duke of Cambridge, into the royal box, sold out online within hours of Kate's appearance. Understandably, the £1100 piece is way out of budget for most of us but luckily, the look can be recreated at a fraction of the cost with our Dressmaking Fabrics.

Kim Sears

Partner of Britain's highest ranked player and defending Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray, 26 year old artist Kim Sears has been a constant and supportive presence on tennis courts all over the world. Known for her passionate and vocal support of her long term boyfriend, Kim has rapidly become known as one of Britain's foremost fashion icons. As famed for her wardrobe and her stunning locks as her partner is for his record breaking achievements, Kim is always a paparazzi favourite during the tournament, The "Sears Effect" has become just as influential and well known as " The Kate Effect" with everything she wears selling out immediately. Over the years, Kim has showcased a variety of beautiful pieces both from the high street and from designers such as Victoria Beckham. At the 2013 Australian Open, Kim proved her love for the high street with a loose fitting silk top from Whistles which was perfect for keeping her cool and composed in the searing Australian sunshine. Silk is of course a luxurious fabric but for a fraction of the price, you can recreate this effortlessly cool look with our range of digitally printed Satin Dressmaking Fabric. Available in a range of stunning floral designs, these beautiful fabrics are always particularly popular during the summer months and are ideal for a range of dressmaking including tops, blouses and dresses.

kim Kim Sears wears Victoria Beckham for the 2013 mens singles finals.

During last year's tournament, the pressure was on for both Kim and her boyfriend as the hopes of a nation where behind Andy to become the first British man to win the single's title since Fred Perry in 1936, Kim made sure she was ready to face the flashbulbs with a host of breathtaking outfits. Armed with her trusty Mulberry tote, Ms Sears cemented herself as a fashion icon in some gorgeous summery outfits including a beautiful floral body con from high street store Zara and a stunning canary yellow skater dress paired with a casual denim jacket and tan wedges. However, Miss Sears definitely kept the best for last when she arrived on Centre Court for the much anticipated final. Knowing the eyes of the world were upon her, Kim chose a beautiful sixties inspired shift dress created with a gorgeous mint Dressmaking Fabric which perfectly complimented her honey coloured mane. Designed by Victoria Beckham and believed to retail at around £925, the dress was the perfect choice for what was surely one of the proudest moments of her life.