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Elastics are an essential Haberdashery item

Everybody should have a well stocked haberdashery stash in their home, full of useful bits and bobs. One of the most staple items we all should have is elastic. It always comes in handy! At Calico Laine we have got a wide range of different elastics, to suit every need.

Flat & Round Elastic

Let’s start with the basic elastic. Both flat and round elastic are popular choices due to their versatility. Our flat elastic ranges from 3mm width up to 70mm, in black and white, and can be used for variety of things, from dressmaking and accessories to home furnishings. Generally wider elastics are used for things like waistbands on trousers and skirts, whilst the thinner ones are used more for necklines, swimwear, or hair accessories. For those who suffer with latex allergies, we now also stock a latex free range. This comes in three different widths; 4mm, 6mm and 7mm. This still has the same great quality, its just a more suitable option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Our round elastic is just as popular as it is also useful for many projects. The 3mm elastic, teamed with one of our toggles, is ideal for using on tracksuits, hoodies, and coats. Alternatively, the thinner 1mm one is a popular choice for crafts like jewellery making, as it comes a wider variety of colours.

Button Hole Elastic

Button hole elastic is possible the most useful of them all. Its predominant use is for waistbands, as the pre-made buttonholes allow the tightness of the waist to be adjusted. As a result, it is a common choice for children’s wear and maternity clothing, as it allows more wear out of a garment.

Soft Backed Elastic

Most commonly, soft backed elastic is used for underwear and lingerie. The texture is the same as our ordinary flat elastic on one side, but on the other it is finished with a lovely, soft, plush backing. This design means it will sit comfortably against the skin, and so is the perfect choice for bra straps, for example.

This is just a small insight into the selection we have. Whatever your elastic needs are, head over to the haberdashery section on our website. Here you will find even more useful elastics, in all sorts of colours and sizes.