If you are hoping to take up sewing as a new hobby, or even if you are just looking to replenish your dressmaking supplies, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right Haberdashery items for the job. We are constantly asked by customers for the best brand of scissors, pins and other essential items, so in today's blog, we have put together a list of Haberdashery products that we think are definitely required by anyone who likes to sew, from novice to veteran. Everything that we recommend is available both in-store and online, so wherever you are shopping from, you can find everything you need at Calico Laine.

Quick Un-Pick – Also known as a stitch ripper or seam ripper, a quick un-pick is a handy tool for easily taking apart stitches and seams. There is no need to use your smallest scissors to take apart your mis-stitched lines any longer! Please make sure to take special care when using a quick un-pick on sheer and/or thin fabrics.

Scissors – It is very important to use the correct type of scissors on your fabric; don't ever be tempted to use scissors that weren't especially made for dressmaking as you will not achieve a smooth cut and, in a worst case scenario, could end up damaging your fabric beyond repair. We always recommend scissors from our Fiskars range - these are what our staff use in both of our stores, and are available in both right- and left-handed variations. Likewise, do not use your dressmaking scissors for cutting anything else - this will dull the blade and can even put nicks in it which are a dressmaker's worst nightmare when cutting fabric! We also offer scissor sharpeners that can help restore slightly damaged blades to their former glory.

Pin Cushion - Our most popular pin cushion is by far our Prym magnetic pin cushion; this is an essential item for keeping track of your pins and making sure they don't escape your sewing box when not in use. We also stock other types, including variations that strap to your arm and even around your hand for ease of use. They are very useful when you are pinning your fabric and pattern pieces together and your sewing box is just out of reach!

Gutermann Sew-All Thread – My personal favourite brand and type of thread, these come in an incredible amount of shades; whatever fabric you are sewing, you are bound to find its perfect colour match in the Gutermann Sew-All Thread reels. The smallest size is a 100 metre reel, but certain shades have bigger sizes available going all the way up to 1000 metres. These larger reels are also more economical price-wise, as they work out cheaper in the long run.

Do you have any recommendations of your own when you Buy Haberdashery items? Let us know on our Facebook page – we love hearing back from our customers!