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Sewing - Essential Accessories

When completing your dressmaking projects Sewing accessories are the most essential items you need to make your projects go smoothly and quickly. Here at calico laine we have a large Sewing section both online and in store which includes everything you need to complete your tasks. The most popular products our customers tend to purchase include zips, threads and needles. These three items are often included in most garments, accessories and home interior items therefore you need to make sure you choose the correct ones.

Bright Coral Dress Zip Bright Coral Dress Zip

Within our Sewing section we have a wide range of different zips including regular nylon dress zips, concealed zips, open end zips and many more that are all available in a variety of colours and sizes to match your pattern. Zips are often used by dressmakers for fasteners on items like coats, jackets, dresses and jeans. However zips have become more popular for a different reason as they are now seen as an embellished accessory on bags and footwear as well as being used on many home interior items like cushions, quilts and sleeping bags. The regular dress zip of concealed zip seem to be the most purchased by our regular customer as the are ideal for a range of dressmaking projects and are often found in the shade that best suits your fabric.

Threads are also purchased a lot from our Sewing section as they are extremely important for any dressmaker. For different projects different threads are required in order to get the best results you want. Our thread section consists of a variety of gutermann and moon threads in different styles, colours and sized reels. Customers usually seem to purchase the gutermann sew-all threads or regular moon threads as they can be used with a variety of fabrics. We also sell cotton threads, extra strong threads and overlocking threads if you need a specific thread for your material.

As well as threads and zips we sell a large amount of different Sewing aceesories that are also essentials to many dressmakers. Products like machine needles, dressmaking pins, scissors and many more items are bought on a daily basis due to the quality and importance they bring to your sewing projects. You can find all of these items in our stores and online underneath the Sewing section.