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Fabric Online

At Calico Laine we have a wide variety of fabrics, so for anyone who has a real passion for sewing but just cannot find the time between working, taking the kids to school and doing the weekly food shop our website allows you to buy Fabric Online.

Jardin Summer Print Fabric (4181/B) Jardin Summer Print Fabric (4181/B)

With summer coming fast we are all itching to have the clothes everyone is dying to wear, and let's face it, the best compliment you could get is just how fabulous the dress you're wearing is - especially if you're the one who made it. We have so many summer prints that could be made into the latest fashion and Calico Laine is the place to go, you can buy zips, patterns and Fabric Online and all at the tip of your fingers and the click of a button - it really is that simple.

White on Green Polka Dot Fabric 3mm (CP0009) White on Green Polka Dot Fabric 3mm (CP0009)

If you want to make a dress but you're spoilt for choice we all know that it is extremely hard when you are basing it on a small picture on a website. Not fully knowing what colour it is, not knowing what it feels like and not even knowing if what you will be buying will actually even look like the picture that is sitting in front of you on the screen, but we do offer a fantastic sample service. In which we will send you a small section of the fabric you like with all of the details so that you can compare them in person, decide which colour(s) is suited to your skin tone and even to see how easy the fabric is to work with.

So take a look through our collection of Fabric Online and when you think you have found a pattern or a colour to match the idea you have in your head take a look and just click the 'Order a Sample' button to add a swatch to your shopping basket, however, we do advise customers that between each and every roll of fabric there is the possibility of minor variations in colour.