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Fabrics for Smart Wear at Calico Laine

Sometimes, our customers visit us in store or search our website for fabrics that are suitable for smart business wear, and are often not entirely sure what we offer that would be a good choice. In today's blog, we'll be suggesting a number of different fabrics that would be great for this purpose, which will hopefully aid you in making the right purchase for yourself.

Bi-Stretch - This fabric is named for the fact that it has a slight stretch on its bias, and it is perfect to use for office wear as it barely creases at all and therefore needs very little ironing. It is a hard-wearing fabric, and it is comfortable to wear and is versatile. It is a great choice for making any smart clothing from skirts, trousers, jackets and full suits and is long-lasting, so whatever you choose to make will last for years to come. Our bi-stretch is 147cm wide.

Memphis Bi-Stretch - Another type of bi-stretch that we stock, our memphis bi-stretch fabric is fantastic to work with and wear. With a good amount of two-way stretch which is perfect for comfort fit clothing, this fabric resists creasing yet provides easy of movement, making it great to wear for business wear, and even formal wear and school uniforms. Our memphis bi-stretch is 147cm wide.

Crepe - Our crepe fabric is available in a variety of beautiful colours, with both bold and bright shades and neutral tones to select from. Crepe is fantastic to use for skirts and women's suits, and although it is a heavier fabric than some of our other products, it drapes wonderfully and looks amazing when made up. It is also not prone to creasing. Our crepe fabric is 150cm wide.

Melody Crepe - The melody crepe that we stock is a popular fabric and has a slight sideways stretch to it, making it a very comfortable fabric to wear. It is great to use for skirts, dresses, and light jackets, and does not crease easily, much like our regular crepe. Our melody crepe is 140cm wide.

Corduroy - We stock corduroy with three different numbers of "rows" per inch - these are 8 whale, 16 whale and 20 whale, with the 8 whale being the heaviest and the 20 whale being the lightest. All three are great to use for trousers and skirts, and a wide range of colours are available across all three types. The 20 whale and the 8 whale corduroys are both 145cm wide, and the 16 whale corduroy is 150cm wide.

Have you ever used any of these fabrics in sewing projects of your own? Take a photograph and upload it to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers come up with!