The vast majority of our customers are dressmakers who are commissioned with making special occasion outfits for special occasions such as weddings, black tie events and prom night celebrations. We carry a wide range of Fabrics To Make A Dress for any occasion:

Crepe Fabric - is the perfect choice of Fabric To Make A Dress that may be required to travel. As it is a Fabric that does not crease easily, crepe is often the material of choice for an outfit which may be required to travel either in a suitcase or in hold luggage and is perfect for creating elegant formal wear for occasions such as overseas weddings. Crepe is an opulent Fabric with a stunning matte finish which is favoured by dressmakers for both business and special occasion wear.

Lycra Jersey - the perfect Fabric To Make A Dress for an elegant, formal occasion lycra jersey is a Fabric of particularly stunning appearance featuring a 2-way stretch resulting in a Fabric which is comfortable to wear and particularly easy to work with. Chosen for it's stunning drape, this versatile material is the ideal choice for elegant evening wear designs perfect for the most special occasion.

Satin Fabrics - for customers tasked with creating a truly special piece, satin is the perfect Fabric for creating extra special outfits. Satin is perhaps the most easily identifiable Fabric due to it's stunning, glossy surface and is most often the first choice for brides and young girls looking to create a stunning, fairytale gown.

We carry a fantastic selection of satin Fabrics, the most popular being duchess satin; with it's elegant and lustrous appearance, duchess satin is primarily used for couture bridal gowns and is distinguishable from other types of satin Fabric by it's higher thread count. Duchess satin is a luxurious Fabric in itself however, it is also a fantastic alternative to silk and our satin back dupion in particular, when used on the dupion side, really gives the illusion of pure silk.

Scuba - a close fitting Fabric featuring a unique 4-way stretch, scuba is the ideal Fabric To Make A Dress in a more modern and fashionable design such as a body-con style of skirt or dress. Scuba is a double knit Fabric featuring a very fine gauge resulting in a material perfect for creating close fitting, figure flattering designs. Scuba is a crease resistant Fabric making this the perfect choice for designs which will be required to travel whilst being kept in a suitcase or hand luggage making this the ideal Fabric To Make A Dress for a beach wedding. Scuba is a fantastic quality, medium weight Fabric and is available to purchase in a wide range of stunning colour options and eye catching patterns. Scuba is a very pleasant fabric to work with and sew and does not require hemming or lining making this the perfect choice for a quick project or dress for a last minute outfit.

[caption id="attachment_3577" align="alignleft" width="157"]bistretch Amy Adams wears a formal creation made from bi-stretch, back in 2011.[/caption]

Bi-Stretch - a classic Fabric which has been one of our best selling for over four decades, bi-stretch is a versatile material popular for creating smart-casual clothing items including dresses. Despite it's sometimes misleading name, bi-stretch is not a "Stretchy" fabric as such however it does feature a slight bi-lateral stretch on the bias resulting in a durable fabric which is particularly comfortable when worn for extended periods of time. Bi-Stretch is a popular choice for smart-casual office wear items as it does not crease easily so will keep you looking well presented and professional during even the most demanding day at the office. Not only the ideal choice for formal wear, this versatile material is also perfect for evening wear due to it's fantastic body and wonderful drape.

Microfibre - perhaps one of the most visually stunning fabrics in our collection, microfibre is ideal for creating elegant dresses for all occasions due to it's luxurious weight and stunning drape. Particularly popular for evening wear and contemporary bridal gowns, microfibre is a dressmaking fabric of exquisite quality and appearance and is easily recognisable by it's beautifully silky surface often referred to as "peach-skin". Microfibre is the perfect Fabric To Make A Dress for ladies of all shapes, sizes and generations as it is not a clingy fabric and is particularly flattering for all body types. A high quality, polyester Fabric microfibre looks fantastic when made up into dresses in a variety of designs and is perfect for both formal and more casual dressmaking projects.