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Faux suede Dressmaking Fabrics for Autumn

It is that time of year when we are all putting our summer clothes away in the wardrobe and getting out the jumpers and trousers. Sometimes it feels like it's not long since we last had them out with our British weather! Autumn time is time for wearing chunky knits, lots of layers and textures and we have the prefect Dressmaking Fabric to go with the season, faux suede!

Faux suede is a great Dressmaking Fabric for autumn as it can be used to create a bit of texture and interest in your outfit. It is a much less expensive alternative to a genuine suede and on first glance, most people wouldn't even notice the difference. Faux suede is usually made from polyester and has a matte finish with a texture that is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. It has a nap to it which gives a different colour and texture depending on what way you rub the fabric and this can create some interesting aesthetics. Many of the top fashion houses use real leather suede in their shows whether it be for jackets, full length coats, skirts, tops or trousers. These items however are usually too expensive for the average consumer and therefore when the designs get filtered down to the high street, you will find them in faux suede Dressmaking Fabrics instead.

At Calico Laine we stock a number of faux suede Dressmaking Fabrics which can be used to create a stunning Autumn outfit. Our standard faux suede fabric is a medium weight fabric that could be used for suede tops and dresses however if you are looking for a heavier weight fabric to create an autumn jacket or even a longer coat, we also offer a heavy faux suede. These both come in beautiful autumn colours including tan, olive, chocolate and spice amongst others. Tan suede is one of our most popular colours and always looks stylish.

The newest addition to our suede Dressmaking Fabric range is scuba stretch suede. This is a heavier weight suede with the inclusion of spandex in its fibre content to give it a great stretch. This added stretch to the fabric makes it particularly comfortable to wear as it will move with you when you move. It is the ideal fabric to make a dress for the winter months which can be layered with a chunky cardigan and long boots. At £12.99 per metre, it is a little more expensive than some of our other suede fabrics but it is a great quality fabric and is definitely worth those few extra pounds!