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How to fill a sewing box

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I have sat down to sew so many times and realised too late that I am missing something crucial in my sewing box for that project. I then thought it would be a good idea to have a checklist in my sewing box so i know when I have ran out of something I can buy haberdashery before I actually need it. This is my top 10 checklist;

1. Scissors (large)

My personal favourite are the 25cm Fiskars Dressmaking Scissors. They are so sharp and accurate, it's why they are our chosen scissors here at Calico Laine headquarters. Another reason why I love Fiskars Scissors is that you can buy a scissor sharpener specifically for this brand. So not only does it take a long time for them to blunt, instead of throwing them away when they do, you can simply buy a sharpener and make them good as new.

2. Scissors (small)

These are mainly for cutting threads and intricate detailing on my projects. They are also very handy for embroidery and patchwork, as well as dressmaking and upholstery. My chosen ones are Fiskars, again, but in the form of 10cm Fiskars Embroidery Scissors.

3. Black and White Thread

Obviously. You can never have enough black and white threads! Gutermann Sew-All threads are excellent value for money, especially the larger spools. This brand guarantees no knots within every spool, it also suits my needs because the reel they are on has a little twisting top to lock the threads in place so there is no loose threads tangling up inside your sewing box. The Sew-All threads are suitable for every fabric type so they will always be useful. Although, you can buy the All Cotton if you are sewing with natural fabrics.

4. Household assorted needles

These are great. They have small and large needles in there especially for different types of sewing and fabric. Even if you loose or break one, you will have backups.

5. Tape measure

The Prym Press Stud Tape comes in handy because of the different colours on the tape. Rather than just following number (which can get confusing after a while) you can follow the colours instead. I also carry a retractable tape measure in my handbag at all times, you never know when you may need one.

6. Quick unpick

Easier than starting again, right

7. Dressmaking marker

My favourite is the Prym Trickmarker Self-Erasing marking pen. I prefer this one to others as if there is any part of my project that i can't reach properly to rub off Tailors chalk, this one erases itself. Prym is one of the best haberdashery brands I have known, their products are extremely high quality.

8. Needle threader (large)

Because, you know, my eyes hurt after a while of concentrating so hard.

9. Spare sewing machine bobbins (x5)

You can also buy boxes to keep them neat and tidy, my lifesaver!

10. Pins and magnetic pin box

The Prym Magnetic Pin Cushion has been my best friend since I my niece and nephews have been born. No more searching on the floor for missing pins, i now just move the pin cushion over my working area and it picks them all up. I use the 48mm Prym Straight Glass Headed Pins which are picked up easily with the pin cushion.

This list may seem large, but I always have everything I need in.