Fleece Fabrics are the perfect choice for a wide range of winter projects. Fleece Fabric is always one of our best sellers at this time of year, and thanks to its versatility remains so all year round. Fleece is the perfect choice for a wide range of stylish projects including outdoor winter clothing, pyjamas, pet accessories and interior items such as cushions and throws. We stock a vast range of Fleece Fabrics in varying weights and designs so you can be sure to find something suitable whatever your project.

Our reversible cuddle Fleece Fabric is new to our collection this year and has proven to be enormously popular, flying off our shelves as soon as it was added to our website. An excellent quality Fleece Fabric, this beautiful fabric is a medium weight Fleece popular for its warmth and extremely soft surface. This luxuriously soft Fleece is the perfect choice for many winter projects and is particularly popular for children's and babies garments such as pyjamas and blankets. A warm and durable material, any item created from this gorgeous collection of Fleece Fabric can be worn and washed numerous times without losing its superior quality and softness.

[caption id="attachment_12060" align="alignleft" width="300"]pink-teddy-print-super-soft-fleece-fabric-crinkled Our cute designs of printed Fleece Fabrics are perfect for babies and children.[/caption]

Our selection of printed Fleece Fabrics are a particularly popular choice with children due to their charming design. Featuring a fantastic range of eye-catching prints, printed Fleece Fabrics are created from an excellent quality anti-pill Fleece Fabric and are the ideal choice for heavy use items such as children's pyjamas, baby blankets and cute accessories for your baby's buggy or cot. Not only perfect for kids, printed Fleece Fabric is also a popular choice with pet owners. Due to its warm and cosy quality, pets love to snuggle up into these gorgeous Fleece Fabrics, particularly during the colder weather. Printed Fleece Fabric is perfect for lining pet beds and kennels and even smaller animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs will appreciate the superior softness and delightful prints of this beautiful quality fabric.

Perhaps the best selling Fleece Fabric in our collection is the aptly named luxury Fleece Fabric. Composed of a superior quality 100% polyester fabric luxury fleece features a super soft handle and luxurious weight resulting in a beautiful yet robust fabric ideal for clothing all of the family. Luxury fleece is particularly popular for creating winter accessories such as hats and scarves suitable for even the coolest of temperatures. Our luxury Fleece Fabric is a breathable fabric making this the ideal choice for strenuous outdoor activity such as running and hiking. This excellent quality fabrics holds less than 1% of its weight of water and retina its excellent superior quality even when wet.

All of our Fleece Fabrics are anti-pill fleece meaning that this fabric will not suffer from the tell-tale "balls" or "gathers" that will often appear on the surface of cheaper quality Fleece Fabrics. Fleece Fabrics are an ideal choice for vegans or for anyone with a sensitivity or allergy to wool.