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Great British Sewing Bee - The Final

We have reached the finish line of the Great British Sewing Bee, and what a journey it has been. We have seen some beautiful sewing coming from 10 talented contestants this year and I, for one, have loved every minute of it. For the final time this season, let's take a look at the "occasion Wear' themed episode.

Waistcoat Pattern Challenge - Great British Sewing Bee

First of all, the sewers were asked to create a tailored mans waistcoat complete with sham welt pockets to complete the final pattern challenge. 'Sham' pockets are just creating the illusion of a pocket, without them being useable. This is a technique often used in suiting to create decorative effects.

Leah struggled with this challenge, making a couple of mistakes along the way. However, she managed to pull off a near-perfect garment. Riccardo had a slight issue with catching all his side seams together, unfortunately earning him last place in this challenge. Juliet stole the show with a stunningly tailored waistcoat, fit for Patrick himself!

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Net Curtain Transformation

This challenge played homage to Juliet's stunning net curtain dress from Recycling Week, asking contestants to create a red carpet worthy dress. This was a great creative challenge with some stunning results. Leah's creation came out on top, with the others following close behind.

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Evening Gown Made-to-Measure

The final made-to-measure challenge brought the contestants family in as models to offer support. This was definitely the biggest challenge we've seen so far, with each sewer tasked with creating a full evening gown fit. Each sewer approached this in their own way, bringing their own flair to the challenge. Juliet created a truly stunning red brocade sweetheart gown, complete with asymmetric detailing. Leah's yellow silk layered gown encompassed her personal style, fitting the garment beautifully to her sister. Lastly, Riccardo took the challenge to a more conceptual level. Taking inspiration from jellyfish, using layers of organza and a hoop skirt, the final garment was truly catwalk-worthy.


FInally, the winner was announced and a teary Juliet took the crown as Britain's Best Amateur Sewer. We wish all the best to each contestant and hope to see you next year!