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Great Value Cationic Chiffon!

Cationic Chiffon is an iridescent two tone Cheap Fabric that is made to look and feel like real silk. It is ideal for using in Dressmaking, and really does add a stunning finish to many formal garments, as it drapes well and creates beautiful layering over other types of dressmaking cloth.

Here are just some of the uses of Cationic Chiffon as a Cheap Fabric in Dressmaking:

  • Formal wear – Cationic Chiffon is often used as a layer over other opaque Cheap Fabrics such as Duchess Satins and Taffetas. It is often used to add a two tone shimmering layer and a silky texture. It can be used in the Dressmaking of tops and many other different garments.
  • Bridal-wear – Cationic Chiffon is vastly becoming popular for the layering on Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, due to its elegant finish and shimmering tones.
  • Accessories – Cationic chiffon can also be used as a Cheap Fabric to create stylish an individual accessories such as scarves and belts.

As you can see there are many uses in for Cationic Chiffon, and it is an effective addition to many different types of garments. With being such great value for money, this type of material always proves to be a popular option for those working on a budget without needing to sacrifice quality!

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