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Buy Haberdashery for your New Baby

This week, Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their second child. Last time the Duchess was pregnant there was a media frenzy around the baby and I am sure it will be the same this time around. With the announcement of a new baby it has got us thinking in the office of all the haberdashery items you could use when you are expecting a new arrival. Lots of people Buy Haberdashery for decorating clothes, nurseries and even for card making.

If you are looking to Buy Haberdashery to decorate your baby's nursery, the best product to buy would be baby ribbons. This comes in designs for both baby girls and baby boys and can used for edging curtains, along the bottom of quilts and for making decorative pictures on the wall. This, along with plain satin ribbon can also be used to finish off your knitted garments for the new addition to the family. If you have knitted baby booties, bonnets or matinee coats you can use the ribbon as a way to fasten the garments. If you are not expecting a new arrival but want to congratulate someone who is, you can also Buy Haberdashery to do this. By using more of our ribbons you can decorate cards to send to the new parents and welcome the new baby.

Another Haberdashery item that could be useful is our range of toy components. These are probably more suitable for when the child is slightly older due to health and safety issues but it is a project that you can begin when the baby is small and take your time with it. With our selection including safety eyes and joints you could make a beautiful teddy bear or doll that the baby can treasure for a lifetime. If you want to make a toy and give it as a present, it can always be used as decoration in the nursery until they are old enough to use it.

Are you excited about the Royal baby news or are you expecting yourself and making items for your little one? If so, why not share with us on Facebook as we always love to hear from you.