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Haberdashery - All types of Elastic

As I sit writing this post in our Liscard, Calico Laine, branch I am trying to think of the most popular Haberdashery item that we sell and I would have to say that it is elastic. A large amount of people who come into our long standing Liscard store are looking for elastic in some form or another whether it is a flat elastic to create a waistband on a skirt or trousers, a rounded elastic to repair jackets with toggles or a clear elastic to restring some beads. Whatever elastic you need, we are more than likely to stock it!

Elastic is an essential Haberdashery item in your sewing box and even if you aren't a regular sewer, it is an item that can come in handy for a number of projects. Here is a quick run down of the most popular elastics that we sell in our stores and online :

Flat Elastic - Flat Elastic is the most popular elastic in our Haberdashery range and comes in black and white ranging in sizes 20mm (3/4") up to 75mm (3"). This can be used for a number of different purposes but is most commonly used for creating waistbands on skirts and trousers. They can also be used for creating structure in a garment and increase comfort by using them to 'let out' clothes for a better fit. This elastic is available in rolls of 50 metres.

Narrow Flat Elastic - Similar to our standard flat elastic, this is also available in black and white but comes in a much thinner width. The size of this Haberdashery item ranges from 3mm to 12mm, with the larger size available in a 100 metre roll and the smaller size in a 250 metre roll. This is popular with our business customers who are looking to buy in bulk rather than by the metre and this can be used for making masks, creating underwear and in hat making.

Round Elastic - Round elastic comes in a few varieties including 1mm hat elastic, 1mm coloured round elastic, lurex elastic and extra wide round elastic. These can be for a multitude of uses including creating hair accessories, repairing the bottoms of jackets and making loop fastenings on garments and craft items. The 1mm round elastic in black and white is our best selling elastic after the 20mm and 25mm flat elastic.

Prym Printed Elastic - The latest edition to our elastic selection is our prym printed elastic. Prym is a leading name in Haberdashery and the quality of their elastic is second to none. The printed elastic comes in a number of aztec inspired designs in various bright colours and would look fabulous as a exposed waistband on a garment.