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Haberdashery at Calico Laine

Here at Calico Laine we have a large range of Haberdashery products that are the perfect pieces for all your sewing projects. We sell a wide range of dressmaking scissors, different threads and a variety of zips that are all essentials you need when it comes to making a new garment or accessory. Every week we have a Haberdashery delivery mainly of more stock that has gone the previous week but there is always something new that we all get excited about. Whether it be new ribbons or new coloured threads its great to see both staff members and existing customers love the range we have to offer every week.

Prym Safety Pins Prym Safety Pins

Every customer that enters the store will always purchase a Haberdashery item whether it be a pair of high quality scissors or something small such as a thimble there is always something that one of our customers will need. The most popular items of Haberdashery we regularly sell both online and in store have to be either our zips or threads as they are always something you need to complete your dressmaking projects. Our concealed zips and regular ykk dress zips are definitely our best sellers in the zip range we have as these are the most likely zips to be in garments and most dress patterns often say to use one of these zips. When it comes to threads either our gutermann sew-all threads or moon 1000 metre threads are the most popular as these can be used with all fabrics such as cottons, polycottons and linens so you don't have to worry about using the wrong threads, plus these ranges have the most variety of colours to choose from.

We always have our new Haberdashery products shown in our new arrivals section online. Once they are delivered to us our web team photographs the products and gets them online straight away so regular online customers can see the new range we have that week. We have recently had a range of new safety pins, ribbons and stitch rippers arrive this week which are all ideal pieces for your sewing projects and will be a great addition to your Haberdashery kit when you need them. If you are after a certain Haberdashery product from calico laine please don't hesitate to call or email us and speak to one of our sales team to assure you get the right product you need.