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Haberdashery - Bobbins for your sewing machine

When you buy a new sewing machine you will probably find that you get a little stash of Haberdashery along with this machine to start you off; this usually includes some spare needles, a brush for cleaning your machine's inner workings, a small quick un pick and around 3 new bobbins to fit inside the bobbin case. 3 bobbins is a good start if you are just trying out your sewing machine however you can never have too many bobbins and we would suggest getting a whole load of them and adding to your collection each time you visit us so that you have one for each different colour thread. There is nothing worse than coming to start a project in a new colour and realising you don't have a spare bobbin and having to unreel an old one and add new thread. I have done that many times and know that pain!

Machine bobbins can be found online in our Haberdashery section and can also be found in both our Liscard and Neston stores. They come in two main types, '15k' and '66k' and for most people, this is quite confusing as they do not know what this means. These numbers are simply for the group of singer sewing machines they would have fitted in however these bobbins now are pretty generic and will fit into most machines, not just singer machines. The original singers would have taken metal bobbins and we have found that the majority of older machines still require a metal bobbin. The newer sewing machines on the market tend to use a plastic bobbin instead. The '15k' bobbins come in both plastic and metal versions and has a flat profile to it whereas the '66k' version have a curved profile and is currently only available in a plastic version. It is important that you always buy the correct bobbin for your machine as if you have the wrong one it can cause a real problem with the tension on your machine and ruin your sewing. If your machine only takes metal bobbins, you can not swop to plastic and vice versa as your machine is generally set to take a certain weight of spool and again, this would upset your tension.

Once you have a selection of filled bobbins, you are going to want to store them somewhere to keep them nice and tidy. In the same Haberdashery section online, we have 3 different storage solutions for your spools. The prym bobbin box (611980) holds 32 spools and will take both plastic and metal bobbins. It has a blue plastic bottom with a clear lid to see which threads you have at a glance. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper bobbin box we also stock a see-through bobbin organiser (SK40) for £2.99 which holds 18 bobbins. In my opinion though, I would spend the extra £1.00 for the prym organiser as it holds a lot more. The last storage solution in our Haberdashery section is the prym bobbin ring, a really popular buy in the last few weeks. This is a rubber ring which holds 20 different bobbins, plastic or metal and is great for easy access to your threads when you are in the middle of a busy project as they can be popped in and out quickly.